Friday, May 10, 2013

Keyless Lobby Doors Are Coming?

Keyless Lobby Doors Are Coming?
By Michael Horowitz

A contractor developing options for Co-op City's lobby doors said that the community could have modern lobby doors that open without keys.
Robert Stahl, speaking at a management forum last Thursday morning, said that the electronic-entry system he envisions could be used to enter parking garages and grant visitors access to lobbies here with their cellphones.
Stahl, in his presentation to 100 shareholders at the Dreiser Loop Community Center's auditorium, said that shareholders could use the same code to enter their lobby doors and parking garages and give visitors access to building lobbies.
Keyless-entry systems for doors are nothing new; coded cards have, for years, been used to open doors in motels and hotels.
In Stuyvesant Town and Peter Cooper Village in Manhattan, the use of cards to enter building lobbies has enabled the management there to cut down on the number of illegal sublets in those communities.
That is because those living in Stuyvesant and Peter Cooper Village were required to report to management offices there to get specially coded cards to open doors in their building lobbies.
The cards that are used in the two Manhattan developments, in contrast to keys to lobby doors, cannot be duplicated easily. 
In contrast, the use of electronic codes could add to the problem with subleasing that the local community, for years, has confronted.

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