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Bronx News ( Fordham football

Bronx News ( Fordham football: Fordham Rams Open Gridiron Season with a 52-23 Victory By Howard Goldin Fordham football is hoping to repeat or even better its greatest...

Fordham football

Fordham Rams Open Gridiron Season with a 52-23 Victory

By Howard Goldin

Fordham football is hoping to repeat or even better its greatest season in the FCS of 2013. Last year, under the direction of head coach Joe Moorhead, only in his second year at the helm of the squad, the Rams won 12 of its 14 games and went to the second round of the NCAA FCS Championship.

Expectations were high as this season began. In the preseason poll of coaches and SIDs of the Patriot League, 12 of the 14 voters chose Fordham to finish on top of the league’s standings. Eight Rams were selected to qualify as members of this season’s All-League Offensive Team and five others to qualify for the Defensive Team.

Fordham quarterback Mike Nebrich was named the choice as Offensive Player of the Year and Fordham defensive linebacker Stephen Hodge was chosen as Defensive Player of the Year.

The Rams selected 11/12 in the two major FCS polls lived up to expectations in their first contest of the year, easily defeating the Saint Francis Red Flash, 52-23. The game was even more one-sided than the final score exhibited as the Rams led 38-3 at the end of three-quarters.

The Rams have retained a large majority of last year’s starters, who now have an additional year of experience. Their biggest loss is graduate Calvin Koonce, who carried the football for more than 3,000 yards during the last two seasons. A possible replacement at running back, freshman Chase Edmunds, was spectacular in his first college game.

Emunds returned the first kickoff 65 yards to put Fordham deep in its opponent’s territory. Although a later Fordham fumble prevented an early score, Michael Marando kicked a 29-year field goal at 8:51. Marando later missed a field goal, but was successful in all seven attempts for extra points giving him 10 points in the game. His 120 points last season is second in points in a season in Fordham history. He may be successful in achieving the scoring mark in 2014, his senior year.

With 2:01 remaining in the first quarter, Nebrich threw the first of three touchdown passes to give Fordham a 10-0 advantage. On the receiving end was Dan Light.

Nebrich connected on 14 of 16 he threw for 188 yards. His 23-yard touchdown pass to sophomore Robbie Cantelli, in only his second college contest, raised Fordham’s lead to 17-0 at 13:39 in the second quarter. The third Nebrich TD pass came at 11:43 in the final quarter, and was thrown to one of his favorite targets, senior Brian Wetzel for 35 yards.
The success of two young running backs allowed the offense to not become totally reliant on the aerial offensive attack. Edmunds carried the ball 19 times for 181 yards including two touchdowns. In addition to his freshman yardage record in the offensive lineup, Edmunds returned three kickoffs for a total of 119 yards gained. Thud, he gained 400 yards during his first game in college.

Kendall Pearcey, a sophomore who carried the ball 19 times in his freshman season, was given the football 10 times on Saturday and gained 36 yards. The most important of those carries were the two touchdowns he scored. The graduate of Steinbrenner High School in Florida could most appropriately become an athletic hero in the Bronx.

Next Saturday, the Rams travel to Pennsylvania to face Villanova, #12.13, the team ranked directly below the Rams in both important national polls.

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Bronx News ( Stylin’ Thieves Sought in Fordham Robbery

Bronx News ( Stylin’ Thieves Sought in Fordham Robbery: Stylin’ Thieves Sought in Fordham Robbery By David Greene BRONX, NEW YORK, AUGUST 29- Police have released surveillance photos of thre...

Stylin’ Thieves Sought in Fordham Robbery

Stylin’ Thieves Sought in Fordham Robbery

By David Greene

BRONX, NEW YORK, AUGUST 29- Police have released surveillance photos of three suspects wanted for the beating and robbery of a victim along Morris Avenue in the Fordham Heights section and are offering a $2,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the assailants.

According to an NYPD wanted flyer, recently posted in the immediate area of the attack, the male victim was approached by the three men outside of 2273 Morris Avenue at East 183 Street at 10:30 p.m. on Monday, July 30.

The unidentified victim was punched in the face repeatedly. As the victim lay on the ground, one of the assailants reached into the victims back-pocket and stole his wallet.

One police source stated that the victim was not seriously injured.

Two of the three suspects in the photos appear to be heavy-set male Hispanics, who were wearing identical shirts and caps. The third suspect appears to be a slim dark-skinned male who wore a white T-shirt.

Anyone with any information is asked to call CrineStoppers at (800) 577-TIPS, all calls remain confidential.
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Bronx News ( Shirtless thieves beat teen for food stamps

Bronx News ( Shirtless thieves beat teen for food stamps: Shirtless thieves beat teen for food stamps Tweet   By Dan Gesslein BRONX, NEW YORK, AUGUST 27- C ops are looking for a group ...

Shirtless thieves beat teen for food stamps

Shirtless thieves beat teen for food stamps

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By Dan Gesslein

BRONX, NEW YORK, AUGUST 27- Cops are looking for a group of men who pistol whipped a teen for his EBT card in Allerton.

At around 12:20 a.m. on August 10, a 14-year-old boy was stopped by a group of four males in front of 2572 

Bronxwood Avenue. According to police, the lead attacker asked
"what you got on you?", as his accomplices rummaged through the victim's backpack. The crooks pulled out the victim's food stamps card and demanded to know the PIN number. When the victim hesitated, the crook struck the teen in the face with a black handgun.

According to cops, the teen suffered a bruise to his right eye but refused medical attention. 

Police released surveillance video of the group inside a nearby store. The ringleader is described as a 17-year-old black male. He is 5 foot 7, weighs 140 pounds, he is light skin and sports a crew cut. He was last seen wearing maroon shorts, black sneakers and a black tank top.

Anyone with information is urged to call CRIMESTOPPERS at (800) 577-TIPS. The public can also submit their tips by logging onto the Crime Stoppers website at WWW.NYPDCRIMESTOPPERS.COM or by texting their tips to 274637 (CRIMES) then enter TIP577.

All calls are strictly confidential.

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Bronx News ( Klein, Koppell Square Off

Bronx News ( Klein, Koppell Square Off: Klein, Koppell Square Off Tweet   Riverdale Report By Robert Press The Great 34th Senate Debate BRONX, NEW YORK, AUGUST 27-...

Klein, Koppell Square Off

Klein, Koppell Square Off

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Riverdale Report
By Robert Press

The Great 34th Senate Debate

BRONX, NEW YORK, AUGUST 27- The race for the 34th State Senate seat is being billed as David vs. Goliath by many, and it was incumbent State Senator Jeff Klein who had the stones thrown at him by his challenger Oliver Koppell. 

Before the Bronxtalk debate host Gary Axelbank spoke with the two candidates about the format, and chatted with both as the trio waited for the 'On the Air' signal. This 

debate was taped during the afternoon to accommodate the schedules of both candidates, and shown at the shows regular 9 p.m. Monday night time slot. Host Gary Axelbank opened the show by introducing the two candidates, Incumbent 34th State Senator Jeff Klein, and challenger Oliver Koppell.

The first question about term limits was directed at the challenger who while he was in the City Council had been a part of overturning the will of the voters to set term limits on City Council members. Saying that he does not believe in term limits candidate Oliver Koppell then blasted Senator Klein for campaigning as a Democrat while making a a deal with the senate Republicans to keep the Republicans in charge of the state senate while there were more Democrats than Republicans. 

Koppell then went on the attack again on other issues such as the Dream Act, minimum wage, and campaign finance reform, claiming it was all Senator Klein's fault that these Democratic values did not get enacted in the state senate. Senator Klein rebutted Koppell's attacks by saying that he was the sponsor of the legislation, and that it was two Democrats who did not vote in favor when there was a majority to pass the legislation. Senator Klein went on to name accomplishment after accomplishment that he done as Co-Leader of the State Senate.

Senator Klein then stated that candidate Koppell had endorsed the Republicans candidate for mayor (Michael Bloomberg) over the Democratic candidate (Bill Thompson). Fighting back candidate Koppell said that Senator Klein and his Independent Democratic Conference took contributions from the former mayor, that was answered by Senator Klein as for getting the work done. Senator Klein added several items that were done including getting $300 million for UPK. Senator Klein then mentioned many of the endorsements he has received from Governor Cuomo, Mayor de Blasio, almost every Bronx elected official, and the many many unions.

Candidate Koppell was asked why he was continuing his campaign after its main reason was to have Senator Klein rejoin with the Senate Democratic Conference which has been announced by Senator Klein, Governor Cuomo, Mayor de Blasio, and many other Democratic leaders. Candidate Koppell responded, “Yes I have already won with Senator Klein returning to work with the Senate Democratic Conference, but the campaign will continue as I have a good chance of winning.”

When asked about the Mooreland Commission, Senator Klein said that he was in favor of it, but that there are other bodies of law that can do the same thing. Candidate Koppell then attacked Senator Klein by saying that he was on the board of a nursing home (not saying which one), and was silent when the Mooreland Commission was disbanded, also attacking Senator Klein's disclosure statement. Senator Klein replied that the state disclosure statements are tougher than the city council disclosure ones that candidates Koppell had to fill out in the City Council.

The next subject was the proposed 11-story medical center in Community Board 8. Klein said that Councilman Koppell missed the boat when the 197A rezoning plan was done while he was in the city council. Koppell returned that the area could not be rezoned, and before Senator Klein could get a word in candidate Koppell said that his wife represented two homeowners not the developer on Tuflan Terrace where a 11-story building went up almost next to the proposed site for the medical center. Senator Klein said that he now has to fix what Councilman Koppell did not do, and mentioned the new law he enacted with Assemblyman Dinowitz (Of Riverdale) to halt the proposed 11-story medical center. Senator Klein also mentioned that Councilman Koppell was in favor of another 11-story building on Broadway in North Riverdale that was to have 25 percent of its occupants who were classified as criminally mentally disturbed. Candidate Koppell defended his decision saying 'where will we house the mentally ill?.

Senator Klein then mentioned what candidate Koppell thinks about people who live outside of Riverdale especially what candidate Koppell said at a Morris Park concert on the east side of the Bronx in the district. Fresh Direct was the next subject with candidate Koppell in opposition to the deal, and Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr.'s support of the Fresh Direct deal saying that he did not know how there were no living wage provisions especially when the BP had fought for it. Senator Klein said that he wants to create more jobs, and that he has with the Bronx Chamber of Commerce has started 'Bronx for Hire'.
The debate continued with Senator Klein and candidate Koppell upgrading themselves on their accomplishments over their opponent, with candidate Koppell saying that he had drafted up the original Safe Act legislation, not Senator Klein.

In his closing statement candidate Koppell read from a March 2012 article that appeared in the New York Post claiming Senator Klein had gamed the system, and possibly broken the law on tax breaks and failure to disclose income. Koppell then said that Ms. Candice Giove who wrote the article was now Senator Klein's campaign spokesperson.

In his closing statement Senator Klein said that the campaign of Oliver Koppell is all personal attacks, and no record to run on. Klein added that he is proud of his record, and what he has done as an elected official.

I asked Ms. Giove for a comment about what candidate Koppell said about her, and her response was :

"It's sad that Oliver Koppell's Women's Agenda includes putting down career choices of successful media professionals like myself. While it's true that I was one of five reporters who worked on an article about Sen. Klein, I have come to know the senator as a hardworking Democrat, who truly cares about each and every one of his constituents. I cannot say the same about Oliver Koppell, who I also covered as a reporter, and who has consistently insulted the intelligence of the people of New York. During Mr. Koppell's nasty campaign, I have also been the recipient of vicious emails from his wife, Lorraine Coyle Koppell, in an attempt to intimidate me from doing a job that I believe in.Shame on the Koppells."

Go to my blog at for photos of the debate. You can catch the debate at at the bronxtalk link.

If you have any comments about this column, would like to have an event listed or covered in this column or on my blog, you can e-mail us at or call 718-644-4199 Mr. Robert Press.  

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Bronx News ( Joe Torre Celebrated at Yankee Stadium

Bronx News ( Joe Torre Celebrated at Yankee Stadium: Joe Torre Celebrated at Yankee Stadium By Howard Goldin BRONX, NEW YORK, AUGUST 25- On August 23, Joe Torre Day was celebrated at Yankee St...

Joe Torre Celebrated at Yankee Stadium

Joe Torre Celebrated at Yankee Stadium

By Howard Goldin
BRONX, NEW YORK, AUGUST 25- On August 23, Joe Torre Day was celebrated at Yankee Stadium. The 2014 Baseball Hall of Fame inductee was given a double honor by the New York Yankees. A plaque in his honor was unveiled that will be placed in the Yankees’ pantheon of heroes, Monument Park, and Torre’s uniform, while manager of the Yankees, #6, was retired. Torre is the 18th Yankee legend whose uniform number will never be worn again.

The baseball lifer compiled an extraordinary record in his 12 seasons at the helm of the Yankees. He led the Yanks to the playoffs in each of the one dozen years. In six of those years, the Yanks were in the World Series and four times they were the World Champions. 

Many of the players he relied upon and encouraged during his Yankee tenure returned to pay tribute to their former manager: David Cone, Hideki Matsui, Paul O’Neill, Tino Martinez, Andy Pettitte and Bernie Williams. Members of Torre’s coaching staff who attended were Willie Randolph, Ron Guidry and Jose Cardenal. Mel Stottlmyre, too ill to attend, recorded a video message and the widow of Torre’s dear friend Don Zimmer came. Yankee skipper Joe Girardi and the retiring icon Derek Jeter were, of course, present also. 
Yogi Berra and Reggie Jackson, two Hall of Fame members of past generations, added the perspective of the Yankees great history by their presence. 

Many members of Torre’s immediate family, sisters, wife, children and grandchildren were present to share in his happiness.

Two contemporaries of Torre in the managerial ranks, Jim Leyland and Tony LaRussa were present to show their respect to Torre.

When giving his gracious response to the honor he received from the Yankees, Torre took time to give special words of praise to each of the individuals who attended. 

Special words were reserved for Gene “Stick” Michael, “He recommended me to George, I’ll be forever grateful.” Of Steinbrenner, he stated, “George gave me the greatest opportunity I ever had in my professional life.”

Girardi, one of Torre’s players, coaches and his successor as manager of the Yankees, expressed his feelings to reporters one day before the ceremony, “I think it’s obviously well deserved. He meant a ton to this organization. He was good at keeping the noise out letting us do our job. He had the ability to make us feel everything would be all right if we just stuck together.”

Torre explained why he chose #6 when he joined the Yankees. He and his wife turned #9, which he wore as a player, around to #6. Of it being retired on the Yankees, he commented, “When you see the neighborhood you’re in, it’s pretty cool.”

The opinion of the native of Brooklyn on his day in the Bronx, “It was every bit as special as I thought it would be.”

It would be remiss on an article on the Torre tribute not to give credit to Debbie Tymon,the vice president of marketing, for her thoughtfulness, intelligence and effort and that of her staff for the successful planning of each special event at Yankee Stadium. In his remarks, Torre said, “Debbie Tymon does amazing work.”

Bronx News ( Yankees showing they are not going away

Bronx News ( Yankees showing they are not going away: Yankees showing they are not going away By Rich Mancuso BRONX, NEW YORK, AUGUST 25- If the New York Yankees manage to sneak into the pos...

Yankees showing they are not going away

Yankees showing they are not going away

By Rich Mancuso

BRONX, NEW YORK, AUGUST 25- If the New York Yankees manage to sneak into the post season as that second wild card team, they will look at their win in extra innings Sunday afternoon against the Chicago White Sox as one that helped them get to October. This time it was a Brian McCann 10th inning walk-off three-run home run that propelled them to their fourth straight win, 7-4, and a three-game sweep of the series.

Sunday it was McCann who came off the bench and became the hero. The schedule won’t get easier during this stretch run, 22 of their next 31 games against teams with winning records. But the Yankees departed the Bronx as a confident team with momentum, after a 5-2 home stand that got off to a bad start losing their first two against the lowly Houston Astros.

There is this sudden fight that was not evident weeks ago. The Yankees are showing teams in front of them, and their fans, that they are not going away that easy. The next four games they play two of those teams with winning records, a makeup game Monday night at central division leading Kansas City and three at the Detroit Tigers.

After their Thursday afternoon finale in Detroit, perhaps there will be a better perspective regarding this Yankees late season surge for a post-season spot.

“It’s a much better feeling when we are leaving,” manager Joe Girardi said. “Consider who we were facing and were able to come back.” He was referring to the how his team coped with White Sox’ starter Chris Sale who came into the game as one of the premiere pitchers in the game at 10-3 and a 2.12 ERA.

It was to the Yankees another big win of the year, just like the one they had Friday night when newcomer Martin Prado had a walk-off game winning hit in the ninth inning. And it was a huge win to keep pace with those teams in front of them. After opposing the Royals’ James Shield (12-6) Monday night, the task is trying to beat two of the Tigers best.

Rick Porcello and David Price, both with records of 14-8, and with successful win ratios opposing the Yankees, could take  away whatever momentum was gained this week in the Bronx and over the past four games.

But don’t tell the Yankees they can’t do it. They say this is what baseball is all about and that they will be in this until the end.

“It’s what you play for,” McCann said about his sixth career “walk-off” hit, a home run that went over the 314-sign in the right field corner. It was his second dramatic game ending hit of the season that came off a change-up on a full count. The Yankees are playing their best baseball of the season right now, again also taking into the fact that these last four wins have come against two teams that are playing for next year and have nothing to lose.

And as they say in baseball, you need to get the games that are winnable, and beat teams that you are expected to handle. The Yankees have come to realize how true that is.

The enthusiasm is showing in the clubhouse. McCann, who experienced his first award winning moment as a Yankee said “The atmosphere is better, everything is better.” Winning of course will change the environment and the post game clubhouse was distinctly different from what was seen after those two let downs with Houston that started the home stand.

The lineup Girardi put on the field was also different. McCann sat and Francisco Cervelli got the start behind the plate. Derek Jeter was in the leadoff spot for the third time this season and Brett Gardner, who has been the Yankees most consistent hitter, had the day off with a bruised right ankle that was sustained in their win Saturday.

As for what McCann did off the bench, Girardi said, “It just shows you that he had stayed ready all day. Mentally, he was ready.” Girardi did say that taking four of six would be a good home stand, and that’s good enough to keep this run going, realizing that at anytime the Yankees could once again revert to losing games in the late innings as they did so often this season.

But Gardner may have said it best: “A lot of times, the team that wins the World Series isn't the best team all year, but the team that gets hot. We're good enough. We just have to play the way we're capable of playing."

It will have to be a remarkable ending though for the Yankees to be one of those post season teams, but the way schedules are structured with teams they have to bypass, this stretch run could be to their advantage. They have to keep winning and that is always the prevailing question mark with this Yankees team.

And the win was almost questionable in the ninth inning.

Girardi went to his closer David Robertson for the save. He let a curve get away and was charged with his first blown save since June 1. Avisail Garcia led off the inning and on the first pitch hit a home run that cleared the right field stands, thus ending 22 straight save opportunities, second longest in baseball this season.

The manager may be using his closer at the right moment, and has been also seen again, the Yankees bullpen is overused and susceptible to the home run ball. Robertson was used a third consecutive day and gave up the game trying home run, Tuesday night to Chris Carter of the Astros.

Carlos Beltran is feeling better. The cortisone shot to a right elbow has put him back in the lineup and Beltran was a part of that inning before the McCann heroics when he doubled off losing pitcher Jake Peticka (0-3) with two outs.  Girardi said Beltran is feeling good and a healthy and productive Carlos Beltran is what the Yankees need to make this an interesting playoff run.

“We’re playing good baseball,” Beltran said. “Things are going our way.”  Six games out of first place in the division, as the made up some ground with the Orioles who hit a little struggle. That second wild card is in reach, 3.5 games separate them from Seattle and Detroit.

The late additions to this team have also made a difference. Chris Capuano made his sixth start and with the exception of giving up two home run balls, his six innings were effective. Girardi did say, the new additions make a difference because they are healthy and have experience.

But it all comes down to this: The Yankees these past four games have been a better team and this week it could determine if they are going to be playing for something down the stretch and not going away.


Sunday, August 24, 2014

Bronx News ( Yanks Defeat White Sox, 5-3

Bronx News ( Yanks Defeat White Sox, 5-3: Martin Prado Strikes Again Yanks Defeat White Sox, 5-3 By Howard Goldin BRONX, AUGUST 23- The Yankees added to their effort to reach a ...

Yanks Defeat White Sox, 5-3

Martin Prado Strikes Again
Yanks Defeat White Sox, 5-3

By Howard Goldin

BRONX, AUGUST 23- The Yankees added to their effort to reach a playoff spot this season with a 5-3 victory over the Chicago White Sox on Saturday afternoon. There was some degree of pressure as they were performing in front of a sell-out crowd of 47,594 as well as in front of Yankee heroes who had earned four World Championships in five years under the direction of manager Joe Torre, who was saluted in a pre-game ceremony. In addition, Yankees Managing Partner Hal Steinbrenner was in the ballpark.

Torre threw out the ceremonial first pitch. Torre’s successor, Joe Girardi spoke of the importance of the Yankee win, “It’s nice to win on a day like this. So many [great Yankees] came back. Joe [Torre] meant a lot to a lot of people.”

Yankee pitching was again worthy of praise and worthy of securing a win. Hiroki Kuroda, the only member of the Opening Day starting rotation not to be on the disabled list this year, posted his 16th quality start, his fifth in succession. The 39 year-old yielded only five hits and two runs in his six inning stint.

Two consecutive doubles by Conor Gillespie and Alexi Ramirez to start the second brought in the first Chicago run.

The other White Sox run off Kuroda came in the fifth. Alejandro de Aza led-off by drawing a walk. He moved to second on a wild pitch and was plated on a double by Jose Abreu. The Cuban native is moving to easily capture the Rookie of the Year award. The sensation is batting .307 with 33 home runs and 94 runs batted in. Abreu still has 33 games remaining to add to his already impressive totals.

After the game, the Yankee manager stressed Kuroda’s importance as the season nears its end, “We need him down the stretch. He has the most experience out there.”

As on the previous night, Martin Prado was crucial to the win. On Friday night, Prado hit a two-run homer and a walk-off single in the ninth. He did no less on Saturday afternoon. He singled in the second with two men on base. In the fourth, he doubled in two runs. Two innings later, he again doubled and scored on a sacrifice fly.

Girardi expressed his happiness with obtaining Prado for the Yankees, “He’s a good player. He grinds it out every day. He moves around. He gives us flexibility. He’s been a good acquisition.”

Yankee starter, Brandon McCarthy, who was a teammate of Prado on Arizona expected Prado to do well as a Yankee. Shortly after the versatile player was acquired, McCarthy told reporters, “I think that [coming to the Yankees] is going to bring out the best in him [Prado]. He was discouraged in Arizona.”

Rather than take bows for his accomplishments, Prado credited the entire team, ‘It was a team win and it was a team effort.”

The three game series and the Yankee homestand will conclude with a Sunday matinee.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Bronx News ( Yankees get a walk-off win and for a night things ...

Bronx News ( Yankees get a walk-off win and for a night things ...: Yankees get a walk-off win and for a night things went right By Rich Mancuso BRONX, NEW YORK,AUGUST 23- Not many games have played out t...

Yankees get a walk-off win and for a night things went right

Yankees get a walk-off win and for a night things went right

By Rich Mancuso

BRONX, NEW YORK,AUGUST 23- Not many games have played out the way they did for the New York Yankees Friday night, but for a change there was solid pitching out of the bullpen, good defense, and most of all a game winning walk-off single in the ninth inning. And the hero was Martin Prado in the Yankees 4-3 win over the Chicago White Sox.

Brett Gardner said it was “the biggest win of the year.” Prado, who has become a versatile pick-up for the Yankees, said about his walk-off bases loaded single, “I can describe that as one of the biggest moments of my career.”

Maybe a big win for the Yankees Friday night, only because this was another one of those games they needed to win if they have any chance of one or two wild card spots in the American League. Already they lost two of three this week to the lowly Houston Astros. Now they need two more wins Saturday and Sunday afternoons against the White Sox, another team the Yankees are, expected to handle.

But, to reiterate, teams the Yankees are supposed to handle have become a task. It seemed to be going in that direction again, that is until Prado came to bat with the bases loaded in that ninth inning. Until then, once again the Yankees had their chances against Chicago starter John Danks and the awful White Sox bullpen.

The Yankees seemed more aggressive at the plate, and maybe a clubhouse meeting Thursday, still not known what was said, provided some spark, but they were hardly outstanding getting runners home again, 3-for-13.

Prado, a veteran, recorded his fifth career “walk-off” hit. “He’s looked really good,” said manager Joe Girardi.

Important again, as Girardi reiterated because his team is behind in the wild card standings and the only way to catch up is to win games. It also helped that Prado smacked his third home run as a Yankee with one on, in the third inning, that put the Yankees back in the game after Shane Green gave up three runs in the first.

The last two wins for the Yankees it has been the mid-season acquisitions that have done the job. Thursday afternoon it was the complete game shutout pitching of Brandon McCarthy, and this night it was Martin Prado. In a limited amount of time in the Bronx, McCarthy and Prado may have made more of an impact than the off-season and lucrative acquisitions of Brian McCann and Carlos Beltran.

It certainly appears to be that way now, about how these moves of GM Brian Cashman have materialized for the better but the question is, with the Yankees in an uphill battle can they sustain the momentum and make a remarkable run for that post-season spot? That remains to be seen because of the inconsistency and there are doubts the Yankees can go on a vicious streak to make that run.

However, the last two games in the Bronx bring some type of hope. It is the close game the Yankees have not been able to win, and they did it in grand style with that Prado game winning hit. He had a great at bat, working to a full count on seven pitches. The last pitch off losing pitcher Daniel Webb went up the middle, and scored Ichiro Suzuki who opened the inning with a single.

Girardi said Prado made a quick adjustment with his new team. Extra batting practice has also helped his approach at the plate, and for the Yankees overall, extra swings before the game seem to have adjusted their approach a bit.

“It was a great win for this team,” Prado explained. “We all performed as a team and that’s all that matters by now.” The bullpen also came up strong, something that contributed to this first of a three game series win as Dellin Betances and David Robertson had no issues.

Robertson pitched the ninth, got the win and became the fastest Yankee to compile 500 strikeouts in team history. Betances had two strikeouts in 1/2-3 innings, staying consistent again with 113 strikeouts in 83 1/3 innings pitched.  Where would the Yankees be, especially in close games without Betances, especially the way this offense has performed?

“Today was one of our better days,” Robertson said, “nice to get a win that way, especially nine innings.”

 And a game that went the Yankees way for a change. But the reality is one win has to lead to more because the Yankees see that time is not on their side. Three teams are ahead of them and a 3.5 game deficit, though not much will require winning a lot of their remaining 36 games.

Not impossible, but with these Yankees, this season, the odds have not been very good.

Comment Rich Mancuso: Mancuso

Bronx News ( Derek Jeter’s Final Press Conference

Bronx News ( Derek Jeter’s Final Press Conference: Derek Jeter’s Final Press Conference with the Spanish Language Media By Howard Goldin BRONX, NEW YORK,AUGUST 23- On Friday afternoon at ...

Derek Jeter’s Final Press Conference

Derek Jeter’s Final Press Conference with the Spanish Language Media

By Howard Goldin

BRONX, NEW YORK,AUGUST 23- On Friday afternoon at Yankee Stadium, Derek Jeter, with the help of a translator, held his farewell press conference with the Spanish language media. Two weeks earlier, Jeter said sayonara to the Japanese media at another press conference.

The Yankee captain was asked a variety of questions that he responded to in his usual understated, courteous and non-controversial manner.

Jeter replied to a query of why he chose this season to be his final one as a player, “I just feel like this was the right time. I’ve done enough. I have other things I want to do.”

When asked if he wanted to remain in baseball in a different capacity, he quickly said no to being a coach or manager. He cited travel as one of the obstacles for him in those positions, “Travel is too tough.”

Travel is one aspect of baseball life that is particularly onerous to Jeter. He mentioned it as the one thing he would change in baseball if he had the power, “Our travel schedule is brutal.”

The legendary shortstop spoke of one baseball role that does appeal to him, “I would like to be part of a baseball ownership group. Hopefully, one day I’ll make all of the decisions.”
Jeter was born in New Jersey and raised in Kalamazoo, Michigan, but was a Yankee fan as a child. His favorite team drafted him with the sixth overall pick in the first round of the 1992 MLB Draft. His selection by the Yanks and remaining with the franchise throughout his entire big league career was especially meaningful to the shortstop, “When I started, being a Yankee meant the most to me. I’ve been one of the few to live out his dream.”

The icon is close to concluding one of the most impressive careers in MLB history. The records he has amassed will make him a sure first round Hall of Fame inductee. Jeter replied to the question of whether he had any remaining goals, “I want to win, that’s the mindset I always had and will have until my final game.”

Nearly every questioner prefaced his query with a compliment and/or an expression of gratitude for his career both on and off the field. The press conference subject explained how he appeared to avoid making human errors in his 20 years of scrutiny by the press and public while playing in the Big Apple, “Everyone makes mistakes. I’ve learned from the mistakes of others and from my own. I’ve learned not to make the same mistakes.”

He also credited his parents, “I learned a lot of lessons from my parents growing up.”
Jeter also discussed how he maintains an aura of always being under control emotionally, “I try to keep on an even keel. I’m very good at hiding my emotions.”

During his two decades in the majors Jeter has become both the face of the Yankees and the image of baseball throughout this nation. Jeter his expressed his feeling regarding the reaction of the fans in his final year’s visits to each opposing ballpark, “It’s been overwhelming to me. It’s been above and beyond my greatest expectations.”

Friday, August 22, 2014

Bronx News ( Voters are Back From the Grave

Bronx News ( Voters are Back From the Grave: Voters are Back From the Grave 100 PERCENT By Robert Press Voters are Back From the Grave #Politics BRONX, NEW YORK, AUGUST...

Voters are Back From the Grave

Voters are Back From the Grave

By Robert Press

Voters are Back From the Grave

BRONX, NEW YORK, AUGUST 22- It appears now that you can have Derek Jeter and other famous names, or even names of those who have departed from the earth sign your petition you will get to stay on the ballot. 

This was the case last year in the infamous signature of Derek Jeter on a petition of a candidate for city council, and is the case this year of several people who departed (are dead), but signed a petition this year for a state senate candidate. 33rd State Senate candidate Fernado Cabrera was ruled on the ballot by Judge John Carter. It seems although the signatures of several dead people were not enough to have the Cabrera petition thrown out entirely, only those signatures of the departed were not allowed to be valid. So that 33rd State Senate primary between State Senator Gustavo Rivera and Councilman Fernando Cabrera is on. So why were you not at the Bronxtalk debate 33rd state senate candidate Fernando Cabrera? More in upcoming weeks.

Let me explain how a dead person may wind up signing a candidate's petition. It takes the Board of Elections two federal elections of non voting or up to 11 years that a person may be dead until the Board of Elections removes them from the active voting list. When getting signatures the assembly party enrollment book is usually used so petition witnesses know who is enrolled, and which names to look for that are active voters. Lists are normally given by address and those getting the signatures should have an easy time of finding registered voters. The other way to get signatures on a petition is to stand on a street and ask people to sign the petition. Street petitions are often unreliable as many people who are not registered voters or live out of the district will sign a street petition.

So how does someone who is dead sign a petition? You will have to ask the person who got the signature of the stiff, and I am sure that Bronx District Attorney Robert Johnson will have his hands full after this primary day. I wonder who may get a call to come in by DA Johnson or even the U.S. Attorney.

You can check my blog at to see a photo of one of the many new signs that have been put up on Jerome Avenue. The signs say Jerome Avenue 'Slow Zone' 25 Miles Per Hour Speed Limit. It seems crazy that it took a car accident that claimed a life for this to happen, but if the driver was speeding way over the 30 MPH speed limit what would make anyone think that a sign 25 MPH will stop the speeding?

By the way the yellow line in the middle of Jerome Avenue from Fordham Road and up is gone just like many other traffic lines or markings. Why do these markings wear out so fast DOT?

The Committee of 100 Democrats will be hosting their 10th Annual Free Community Barbecue this Saturday, August 23rd from 12 – 6 p.m. on East 204th Street between Mosholu Parkway and the Grand Concourse. State Senate Co--Leader Jeff Klein is the Guest of Honor, and anybody can show up as has happened in the past. There will be free food and refreshments while supplies last, and lots of entertainment, which is still being added to the program.

State Senate Co-Leader Jeff Klein just returned from a visit in Israel with Governor Cuomo, and because he was on this trip he missed his own standing room only concert in Loreto Park by Engelbert Humperdink. On hand however was Bronx BP Ruben Diaz Jr., State Senator Diane Savino (who mentioned that she was Senator Klein's girlfriend), Assemblyman Mark Gjonaj, and about a thousand people who came out for the Klein Summertime Symphonies Series. Even Klein's September Democratic opponent Oliver Koppell and November Republican opponent Alekander Mici were at the concert. You can go to my blog archive on the lower left to Engelbert Humperdink for more and some photos, but none of Engelbert due to the lighting.

I was able to speak with Senator Klein the next day about his trip to Israel (his third one), and the senator said that he was able to meet with members of the Israeli Parliament and Prime Minister Benjamin Natanyahu. 

I changed subjects on Senator Klein asking him a question about the KRVDC Movie Night program he is co-sponsoring with the non-profit, and the charges by his opponent of using the non-profit. The words Oliver Koppell and crazy were heard, and Senator Klein laughed when I showed him a photo from 2010 of Oliver Koppell with the Executive Director of KRVDC showing a one-time Riverdale restaurant guide then Councilman Koppel had the non-profit do. Klein said that unlike his challenger he continues to fund groups that may not agree with him. I could see that the senator was tired from the trip, and reminded that I would see him at the Committee of 100 Democrats 10th Annual Free Community Barbecue on Saturday, August 23rd.

If you have an item that needs to be looked into further, have any comments about this column, or would like to have an event listed or covered in this column or on my blog, you can e-mail us at or call 718-644-4199 Mr. Robert Press.

Bronx News ( Where's this guy been for Yanks?

Bronx News ( Where's this guy been for Yanks?: Where's this guy been for Yanks? Brandon McCarthy Throws a Four Hit, Complete Game Shutout of Houston By Howard Goldin BRONX, NEW ...

Where's this guy been for Yanks?

Where's this guy been for Yanks?

Brandon McCarthy Throws a Four Hit, Complete Game Shutout of Houston

By Howard Goldin

BRONX, NEW YORK, AUGUST 22- The Thursday matinee contest at Yankee Stadium was reminiscent of Yankee games of the past. A very large crowd of 41,767 fans attended a fast moving game of two hours and seven minutes in which the Yankee starter pitched a complete game shutout of the visiting team. Both pitchers hurled complete games, which is another similarity to the past.

Time of games is a factor in the popularity of the sport. Thursday’s game was the shortest Yankee nine inning home game since June 18, 1996.

In reality, the Yankees are nine games behind the American League East leading Baltimore Orioles and behind three teams for the second Wild Card position. The Yankee victory on Thursday broke a four home game losing streak and was only the team’s third win in its most recent ten games.

The recent reality has not made the players on the Yankees nor many of their fans ready to throw in the towel for the 2014 season. Chase Headley, a Yankee since July 22, has faith in his current team, “We know we can play a lot better than we have. I like our chances every time we go out there. I expect to win.”

Brandon McCarthy’s outstanding start on Thursday is the latest example of his complete turnaround in success since late June. McCarthy, as a member of the Arizona Diamondbacks, won one game of his first 16 starts. In his last 10 games, the 31 year old has compiled a 7-2 mark.

McCarthy’s control of his pitches has historically been excellent. He is third in the majors in walks per nine innings in the last four seasons. In the last 10 starts, he walked nine batters while fanning 64.

McCarthy, in 6.1 innings in each of his most recent losses, gave up seven hits and two earned runs. The defeats could more factually be attributed to the lack of Yankee hitting rather than defects in McCarthy’s pitching as the Yankees were shut out in both of those games in August.

In seven of his nine innings of pitching, the California native retired all three batters he faced. He gave up two hits in the fourth and two hits in the seventh. Runners were on second and third in both innings, yet McCarthy got out of each jam. Girardi praised the starter for his ability to extricate himself from difficult situations, “He [McCarthy] has the ability to make pitches when you need it.”

The complete game was McCarthy’s ninth in 147 major league starts. The shutout was his fourth in the majors.

He admitted tiredness before the conclusion, “I started to get tired, wobbly through the fifth.” McCarthy gave a great deal of credit to his catcher, Francisco Cervelli, for encouraging him to continue until the game ended by yelling at him.

The catcher praised McCarthy’s pitching and tried to minimize his own efforts as catcher, “He [McCarthy] did an amazing job. He was very consistent. I didn’t want to give up any runs, so I tried to give him a little push. I was just trying to make him believe he was that good today.”

The only runs scored in the game, three, came in the bottom of the second. Mark Teixeira led off with a single. Martin Prado followed with a double. Both scored on a run batted in double by the next batter, Chase Headley. Headley scored the final run on a sacrifice fly by Ichiro Suzuki.

Girardi commented upon the batting in that inning, “We had some really good at bats in the second. It was nice to get him that early lead and just let him work.”

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Schmuck shoots from the hip

By Dan Gesslein

BRONX, NEW YORK, AUGUST 21- Police are trying to find the gunman who opened fire from inside an apartment building stairwell.

Investigators released surveillance video of the reckless shooting which occurred at 6:30 p.m. on August 19. The suspect is seen on tape running to the open side door at 575 Castle Hill Avenue and letting off at least three shots. He is then seen running up the stairs in the building. No one was injured.

The suspect is described as a Hispanic male between the ages of 20 and 25. He is six feet to six foot two with a slim build. He was last seen wearing a black t-shirt, camouflage shorts, and white sneakers.

Anyone with information is urged to call CRIMESTOPPERS (800) 577-TIPS. The public can also submit their tips by logging onto the Crime Stoppers Website at WWW.NYPDCRIMESTOPPERS.COM or texting their tips to 274637(CRIMES) then enter TIP577.
All calls are strictly confidential.

Bronx News ( Umps brighten day for kids

Bronx News ( Umps brighten day for kids: Major League Baseball umpires visited patients at The Children’s Hospital at Montefiore. They gave out Build-A-Bear toys and outfits, includ...

Umps brighten day for kids

Major League Baseball umpires visited patients at The Children’s Hospital at Montefiore. They gave out Build-A-Bear toys and outfits, including bear-sized Yankees™ and Mets™ uniforms.

Prince Cruz, 7, enjoyed his visit from MLB umpires at The Children’s Hospital at Montefiore on Wednesday, August 20.

Isabelle Ortiz, 2, was thrilled to receive a monkey Build-A-Bear during the MLB umpires visit.

MLB Umpires, UMPS CARE Charities, and The Children’s Hospital at Montefiore staff prepare to hand out bears to the kids at CHAM.

Bronx News ( Time's Running Out for Yankees

Bronx News ( Time's Running Out for Yankees: Time's Running Out for Yanks Brass dumbfounded by the way Yankees are playing By Rich Mancuso BRONX, NEW YORK, AUGUST 21- It was Jo...

Time's Running Out for Yankees

Time's Running Out for Yanks
Brass dumbfounded by the way Yankees are playing

By Rich Mancuso

BRONX, NEW YORK, AUGUST 21- It was Joe Girardi bobble head night at Yankee Stadium Wednesday night and the manager got booed when he lifted starter Michael Pineda in the sixth inning. The anguish for the Yankees continued and the displeasure from their fans were heard more when the Houston Astros scored four runs in the seventh inning.

And when any team takes a lead against the Yankees, the lowly Astros or a front runner, there is a good chance they will not score and make the comeback. Such was the case again as the Astros go for a three-game series sweep Thursday afternoon after their 5-2 win in the Bronx.

Now, it is more than panic time for the Yankees who are going backwards instead of forward and seeing their playoff chances dwindle each day. They will try and prevent a sweep of the series in a stretch of seven games this week, also with the Chicago White Sox that could have helped their wild card chances.

But the Yankees wild card chances are fading each day, losing seven of their last nine games. And unless there is a winning streak on the horizon, this could get worse before they arrive in Detroit next week to play the Tigers, a team that leads the Yankees by five games for that second wild card.

Girardi said, after this latest disappointing loss, “We got to score more than two runs. We’re just not getting it done.  The bottom line is, we can’t worry about who is in front of us.  We need to play better. If we don’t play better we won’t get there.”

Truth is, the reality is starting to set in.  The Yankees are not looking like a playoff team, nor have they resembled one with 37 games remaining. In their last nine games they are batting .135 with runners in scoring position, going 1-for-9 Tuesday night, and 1-for-8  Wednesday in trying to get runners to score with men on base.

Again, it has become a mission in futility. And at this juncture of the season, with every game having significant meaning, trying to figure out why and why not is not going to produce an answer. You hear, this is baseball and there is still some time to get it going, those words coming in a very quiet Yankees post-game clubhouse.

Girardi is now baffled. He can’t recall a time, either in his playing or managerial career when a team with such prominent names struggled to this magnitude. The scouts who sit up in the press box offer the same opinion, though with a perspective that perhaps the Yankees, overall as a team are pressing.

It has gone so backwards, enough to a point that Girardi was answering questions to a member of the media in the post game about possibly shifting positions in the lineup. Batting, maybe Jeter at cleanup and moving Jacoby Ellsbury to the third spot, and the manager quickly knocked that down.

He is the manager. And apparently a lineup he has, with experience and numbers to prove, should be and is expected to be producing at a better rate. That continues to not happen for any number of reasons that have the baseball experts perplexed. Either the roster on the field is playing below expectations, or these veteran hitters are past their prime and in their final years. The seventh inning continued to support a dilemma that the Yankees can’t seem to figure for themselves.

This time after Pineda left the game, which prompted fans to boo, the bullpen imploded again as it did the night before. The results was working from behind again and failing to get the big comeback hit.

David Huff and Esmil Rogers combined to give up four runs in relief of Pineda that gave away a one-run lead.

After Pineda walked a batter to start the seventh, Huff got an out and gave up a hit.  Rogers gave up five straight singles and the Yankees were behind 5-2.

A highlight of the night was Brett Gardner making a grab of a foul ball as he fell into the stands making a catch over the cement barrier down the left field foul in the ninth inning. He also tried to ignite something with a single to center with two outs in the Yankees ninth. If anything, he has proved to be the MVP of this team. Jeter followed and worked a walk off Jose Veras.

So the tying runs were on for Ellsbury who came to bat after with two singles and two stolen bases on the night. Of course, the futility continued with a fly ball to right and another loss for the Yankees in this stretch of games that should have been in the win column.

Before that, against starter Scott Feldman, whom the Yankees made into a Cy Young Award look alike, Mark Teixeira struck out the first of two times and Brian McCann popped out to end a rally. Gardner ended an inning with runners on second and third, and in the seventh in was Ellsbury again striking out with runners on second and third.  

Bottom line, the Yankees need to play better but time is not on their side as they continue to go backwards.


Bronx News ( Quality Start for Michael Pineda but Yankee Pen Fa...

Bronx News ( Quality Start for Michael Pineda but Yankee Pen Fa...: Quality Start for Michael Pineda but Yankee Pen Fails By Howard Goldin BRONX, NEW YORK, AUGUST 21-On Wednesday night, Michael Pineda mad...

Quality Start for Michael Pineda but Yankee Pen Fails

Quality Start for Michael Pineda but Yankee Pen Fails

By Howard Goldin

BRONX, NEW YORK, AUGUST 21-On Wednesday night, Michael Pineda made his second major league start since April 23. On that date, the 25 year old was ejected from the game after 1.2 innings and given a 10-game suspension for possessing a foreign substance.

When his suspension ended, the right-hander was placed on the disabled list with a right shoulder muscle injury. Pineda missed 87 games while on the disabled list.

After two minor league rehab appearances in August, the native of the Dominican Republic was reinstated to the Yankee roster on August 13 to start against the Orioles.

Pineda pitched extremely effectively in Baltimore. He yielded only two hits and one run in five innings. He did not walk a batter, but fanned four. Although he left the game with the Yanks leading, 2-1, the Yankee relievers were unable to save the game for Pineda as the Yanks were defeated by a 5-3 score.

On Wednesday night, Pineda was on the Yankee Stadium mound for the first time since August 16. As in his first three starts of the season in April, Pineda pitched an impressive six innings. He retired the first nine batters he faced in the contest until Robbie Grossman led-off the fourth with a single. With two out, Dexter Fowler doubled to right to knock in the first run of the game.

The only other hits surrendered by the Yankee starter came with two out in the fifth as third sacker Matt Dominguez and left fielder Jake Marisnick singled back-to-back. Grossman was retired on a grounder to end the frame without a score.

Pineda retired all three batters he faced in the sixth.

The only walk he issued was to Jason Castro to lead-off the seventh. Yankee skipper Joe Girardi then removed the starter after he threw his 89th pitch. Unfortunately the move was a mistake that cost the Yankees the victory.

Reliever David Huff struck out Jon Singlerton and then gave up a single to Marwin Gonzalez before Huff departed. The next relief pitcher, Esmil Rogers, yielded four consecutive singles. Before the inning concluded, the Astros scored four runs, which brought the score to 5-2. No further scoring ensued after that half inning. The first run of the frame was charged to Pineda, who thus was not involved in the decision.

Pineda commented about his ability and desire to go further than he was allowed, “I’m feeling good. I had good energy, but I don’t have control for this situation. I want to pitch, but they have control.”

Girardi, while praising Pineda’s performance, explained why he removed the starter, “I thought he was a little tired at the end, but that’s to be expected. We pushed him a little bit, but he gave us a really good performance.”

Pineda has the highest active streak of consecutive starts of giving up six hits or less, 14 games. He has the fourth lowest active career mark of opponents’ batting average with .211. He only trails Jose Fernandez, Matt Harvey and Clayton Kershaw.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Bronx News ( Cops Search for Driver in Road Rage Attack

Bronx News ( Cops Search for Driver in Road Rage Attack: Cops Search for Driver in Road Rage Attack Photos by David Greene By David Greene BRONX, NEW YORK, AUGUST 20- A 50-year...

Cops Search for Driver in Road Rage Attack

Cops Search for Driver in Road Rage Attack
Photos by David Greene

By David Greene

BRONX, NEW YORK, AUGUST 20- A 50-year-old woman is fighting for her life after an apparent traffic dispute where witnesses say that after striking the victim, the driver backed his vehicle up and over the fallen victim-- before running her over a third time and driving off.

Officers from the 40th Precinct and paramedics were called to the southbound 

Bruckner Boulevard service road at East 138 Street at just after 1 p.m. on August 18.

The still-unidentified victim was rushed to Lincoln Hospital, one police source stated that the victim suffered severe, "trauma to the body and head."

Late Monday night that source added that police were in the process of releasing video obtained by detectives of the vehicle fleeing the scene. The brief clip of video was released to media outlets the following day.

The source described the vehicle as, "a white sedan, probably a Chevy Impala," with a dark front panel and bumper.

Friends of the victim reported that they were crossing East 138 Street when words were exchanged with a driver who was headed northbound, but made a U-turn.

Seconds before impact witnesses say the victim pushed a male friend out of the way as the driver apparently aimed for the group.

A major thoroughfare, Bruckner Boulevard has been the site of several fatal hit-and-run accidents in the last several years.

On September 15, 2013, Maria Dulce-Valencia, 27, was also struck and killed along the southbound Bruckner Boulevard service road at Evergreen Avenue in Soundview.

Police are believed to still be looking for the driver of the black sedan responsible for Valencia's death.

It was nearly one-year ago when on August 31, 2013, Abigail Lino, 24, was one of dozens of partygoers who fled a nightclub after false claims of gunfire.

Lino was mowed-down along the Bruckner Boulevard service road at Austin Place and she died at the scene.

Police would later capture and charge Leroy Forest, 31, with leaving the scene of a fatal accident.

On April 1, 2013, two men were discovered dead along Bruckner Boulevard and East 138 Street, the site of the latest crash. The driver in that crash remains at large.

Despite being one of the borough's most deadliest roadways, Bruckner Boulevard is not slated to become a "slow zone," with a 25 mile-per-hour speed limit as part of Mayor Bill de Blasio's "Vision Zero" plan.

Anyone with any information on any of the hit-and-run incidents are urged to call investigators at (800) 577-TIPS, all calls remain confidential.

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