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Bronx News ( Bronx Holds Baby Shower for new Moms

Bronx News ( Bronx Holds Baby Shower for new Moms: Bronx Holds Baby Shower for new Moms Marketing & Advertising Solutions Inc. (MAS) presented the third “ Mommy To Bee Exp...

Bronx Holds Baby Shower for new Moms

Bronx Holds Baby Shower for new Moms

Marketing & Advertising Solutions Inc. (MAS) presented the third “Mommy To Bee Expo” for tri-state area Moms and Moms-to-Be, the ONLY ‘baby shower expo’ in the Bronx! Attendees and their families were so eager, there was a noteworthy line outside the venue an hour before the doors opened! The Villa Barone Manor then filled with 400 mommies, their families, vendors, and sponsors across the Grand Ballroom.

Expectant moms, new moms and moms of toddlers learned about essential products and services from newborn care, childcare, fitness and healthcare, to Baby Products, Entertainment, Apparel & Accessories, Feeding, Gear, Gifts, Insurance, Nursery Products, Photography, Pregnancy & Maternity, and more– all while learning how to prepare for their growing families this spring. It was a baby shower for moms to learn about new baby services, local products and resources, and shop for their baby’s needs, a one-stop shop.

Moms, Dads, Grandparents, Godparents, Aunts, kids of all ages and more were welcomed. Annette Rios of the Bronx said, “We had an awesome time with my daughter-in-law and grandson...great exhibits and informative too.” 

Claire Lopez said, “We had a good time at the expo. Thanks for the info and all the free goodies!” 

Moms were also invited to take a load off and relax while their older children attended onsite daycare provided by Tender Tots Childcare Center, and to enjoy the extensive conference program in the banquet area hosted by Rhina Valentin with light fare and Mommy Mocktails!

Tickets to the event also included access to 60+ vendors and sponsors, spectacular giveaways like a Tike Tech All Terrain X3 Sport Single Stroller valued at $300! Also, a Portrait Experience valued at over $500 from Venture Photography, a lovely multi-colored hospital bag from BFFL, Co, a “Baby Bump Social” reveal party from The Party Styler, a gift basket from BabyGanics and a family 4 pack of tickets to the Bronx Zoo. As well as a complimentary stroller cleaning from Clean Bee Baby while moms shopped. The entertainment and dance contest was offered by The Rhythm Cartel and photos by Miriam Quinn! 

“I was so excited and thrilled that we provided a service to so many expectant moms while they discovered helpful resources for the well-being of the mothers and their babies,” Jacqueline, CEO of MAS, Inc. said. 

The day featured speakers such as Lauren Gould of 80/20 Wellness, Inc., Holly Malone and Renso Vidal from NYC Department of Transportation, Discover A Path to Success for College Savings by Ginger Romero Pardlo of NY’s 529 College Savings Program Direct Plan, and a breast feeding panel discussion led by Tamara Hawkins of Stork & Cradle and Sharen Medrano of NYC Breastfeeding.

Bronx News ( Vacca Opens Computer Lab for Seniors

Bronx News ( Vacca Opens Computer Lab for Seniors: Vacca Opens Computer Lab for Seniors Council Member James Vacca joined members of Bronx House at a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the center...

Vacca Opens Computer Lab for Seniors

Vacca Opens Computer Lab for Seniors

Council Member James Vacca joined members of Bronx House at a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the center’s new computer lab. The lab, which is exclusively for seniors, will house eight computers and one printer – all paid for with over $15,000 in funding provided by Council Member Vacca.

Bronx News ( YANKEES

Bronx News ( YANKEES: Return to Glory? New Faces and Returning Faves Look to Bring Home Another Championship By Howard Goldin BRONX, NEW YORK, MARCH 31...


Return to Glory?
New Faces and Returning Faves Look to Bring Home Another Championship

By Howard Goldin
BRONX, NEW YORK, MARCH 31- As the college basketball season reaches its apex, the Final Four, the Major League Baseball (MLB) season is ready to begin in full force. Each team, except the two teams who began the season earlier in March in Australia, have a mark of 0-0.
Hopes are high in the Bronx as there are always expectations among Yankee fans that the team will reach the World Series or, at the least, qualify for the playoffs. 
Great changes have been made since the conclusion of the 2013 season. Iconic figures have departed. Mariano Rivera, the greatest closer in MLB history, retired. Andy Pettitte, a mainstay starter for 15 seasons with the Yankees, especially effective in the post-season, retired. 
The controversial third sacker who has blasted more than 600 home runs, Alex Rodrigez, was suspended for the entire 2014 season by the Commissioner of Baseball. Robinson Cano, considered by many observers to be the best second baseman in the majors, signed a 10-year contract for $240 million with the Seattle Mariners. Starter Phil Hughes and reliever Joba Chamberlain signed with other teams as the Yankees showed little interest in signing them.
Last year’s injury riddled team finished the year with an 85-77 record and did not qualify for the playoffs for the first time since 2008. The 2013 Yankees consisted of many reserves who were inserted into the starting lineup in the place of injured star players.
Stars always counted upon for consistency are returning from serious injuries. First baseman Mark Teixeira played only 15 games in 2013 after having suffered a wrist injury that required surgery. The team captain Derek Jeter played only 17 games last year after repeated ankle injuries. Jeter announced that 2014 will be his final season in the majors. He, obviously, will be making his usual supreme effort to lead his club to a successful year. 
Four off-season free agent acquisitions with a combined cost of nearly $500 million are expected to strengthen in the club in a number of areas. For the first time since Jorge Posada was behind the plate, the Yankees have an outstanding offensive and defensive catcher with leadership qualities in Brian McCann. With an impressive Spring Training showing, Francisco Cervelli beat out Austin Romine and J.R. Murphy to be the back-up catcher.
Jacoby Ellsbury, formerly of the Red Sox, will be the lead-off hitter and center fielder for the team. Although he was out two weeks with an injury in March, the Yankees are hopeful he will play a full injury-free season. 
Veteran Carlos Beltran will fill the position in right field. The former Met had envisioned playing with the Yankees years ago. If he remains as he has been the last few years, he will help the Yankees at bat and should also be a boon to the team in the clubhouse. 
Brett Gardner, on the big club since 2008, recently signed a four -year extension for $52 million. Gardner, who has a similar skill set as Ellsbury, will fill the other outfield corner in left.
Veteran Ichiro Suzuki will serve as the fourth outfielder. Alfonso Soriano, who had an excellent season after signing with the Yankees last year will move from the outfield to be the designated hitter.
Kelly Johnson at third and Brian Roberts at second will join veteran Yankees Teixeira and Jeter in the infield. While they cannot be expected to replace Rodriguez and Cano at the plate, the experienced major leaguers should be more than adequate in the field. 
The ace of the starting rotation, CC Sabathia, is hoping to rebound after a poor year. He has again lost weight, which could either be positive or negative. He appears to recognize that he needs to adjust to the loss of velocity on his fastball. 
The second starter, Hiroki Kuroda, is coming off a disappointing second half of the 2013 season. The 39 year-old can benefit the Yankees by helping major league rookie Matsahiro Tanaka adjust to the majors and the United States. 
The three young starters had outstanding springs. Tanaka was 2-0 with an excellent ERA in his appearances. Ivan Nova also pitched well. Michael Pineda, after missing two seasons with injuries, was recently named the fifth starter by Joe Girardi after an impressive Spring Training. 
The key relief spot, closer, filled nearly perfectly by Marian Rivera will be given to David Robertson. Last year’s eighth inning specialist is hopeful of being as successful as he was on 2013 in his new role. The Yankees passed on signing several respected closers to replace Rivera. 
Shawn Kelley and newcomer Jacob Thornton are expected to take over the eighth inning responsibilities. Other returning relievers include David Phelps, Dellin Betances, Cesar Cabral, and Adam Warren.

Will the 2014 version of the Yankees be sufficient to carry them into the playoffs? No one yet knows. Yankees personnel and fans certainly hope for and expect success. 

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Bronx News ( Derek Jeter, Kate Moss ‘Sign’ for Troubled Pol

Bronx News ( Derek Jeter, Kate Moss ‘Sign’ for Troubled Pol: Derek Jeter, Kate Moss ‘Sign’ for Troubled Pol Campaign Workers Indicted for False Petition Signatures BRONX, NEW YORK, MARCH 27- District ...

Derek Jeter, Kate Moss ‘Sign’ for Troubled Pol

Derek Jeter, Kate Moss ‘Sign’ for Troubled Pol
Campaign Workers Indicted for False Petition Signatures

BRONX, NEW YORK, MARCH 27- District Attorney Robert T. Johnson announced that a nine-month long investigation into fraudulent petitions filed with the New York City Board of Elections has resulted in the arrests of three former campaign workers for New York City Council Member Maria Del Carmen Arroyo.

The investigation uncovered no evidence of any criminal conduct by any other persons.
Elbin Lopez, 49, of Alexander Avenue, Betty Julien, 47, of Bruckner Boulevard of Richman Plaza, and Luis Vargas, 45, of Bruckner Boulevard, have been charged with multiple felony counts of falsifying business records in the first degree, forgery in the second degree, and offering a false instrument for filing in the first degree. The defendants are facing maximum terms of up to seven years imprisonment if convicted.

The charges stem from the defendants’ alleged conduct as employees of Council Member Arroyo’s campaign for re-election in 2013. The defendants were hired by the Council Member’s campaign to gather signatures on petitions to have her name placed on the ballot in the Democratic Primary Election which was held in September 2013.

The defendants were arraigned before Criminal Court Judge Carol Sharpe and were released on their own recognizance.

It is alleged that Lopez, Julien, and Vargas forged nearly 100 signatures on the candidate’s petitions which were then filed with the New York City Board of Elections. The alleged forgeries included the signatures of New York Yankees team captain Derek Jeter, sports announcer Joe Buck, New York Giants defensive tackle Rocky Bernard, and actress Kate Moss. The petitions also contained phony addresses accompanying some signatures including a Citibank branch location and a location for the drug rehabilitation program Odyssey House.

The charges announced today are merely accusations and the defendants are presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty.

Bronx News ( Fraud Across the Board?

Bronx News ( Fraud Across the Board?: Fraud Across the Board? Manhattan Coach Loses Dream Gig for Lying on Resume By Rich Mancuso BRONX, NEW YORK MARCH 27- This has happened mo...

Bronx News ( Fraud Across the Board?

Bronx News ( Fraud Across the Board?: Fraud Across the Board? Manhattan Coach Loses Dream Gig for Lying on Resume By Rich Mancuso BRONX, NEW YORK MARCH 27- This has happened mo...

Fraud Across the Board?

Fraud Across the Board?
Manhattan Coach Loses Dream Gig for Lying on Resume

By Rich Mancuso

BRONX, NEW YORK MARCH 27- This has happened more than once. A college coaching opportunity is available and the candidate has the supposed credentials to move up the ladder after building a program. In the case of Steve Masiello, who got the Manhattan College men’s basketball team back to the NCAA Tournament, he is a candidate of the latest embarrassment and greed of collegiate sports.

Yes, Masiello lied for an opportunity to land the head men’s basketball coaching job at the University of South Florida. His resume was inaccurate about being a graduate of the University of Kentucky. So, Tuesday it appeared he was moving on, and Wednesday morning he may be without a job.

The truth is, and lesson hopefully learned again, false information on a resume will eventually backfire and that applies for someone like Masiello. And a million dollar opportunity that was at hand now could leave him on the unemployment line.

The bad and, more so, sad aspect of this Masiello mess: Manhattan College has a dilemma. Do, the decision- makers at the school move ahead and begin the process of hiring a new coach, or do they forgive and forget? Another aspect, and it is obvious, how did responsible officials at Manhattan, who hired Masiello three years ago, bypass false information that USF was able to discover?

That aspect may never be known. Masiello was a perfect candidate to rebuild a men’s basketball program at the Metro Atlantic Conference affiliated college that is based in the Bronx, in a section known as Riverdale. He played under current Louisville coach Rick Pitino as a freshman at Kentucky in 1997.

He later learned more on the sidelines as an assistant coach for Pitino at Louisville. So, Masiello had the credentials to land a head coaching job. At Manhattan, Masiello compiled a 60-39 record in three years, and got the Jaspers to a first round game last week in the NCAA Men’s basketball Tournament losing to Pitino and Louisville.

Officials at Manhattan College could not be reached for comment, nor could Masiello. Though a source reached at the school said, “There was every indication that Steve had all the credentials to be here. This has been a shock to all of us as we wished Steve well.”

The source, when asked, did not comment regarding the future for Masiello as to whether his job at Manhattan would be open to him again. And that is something that would be subject to extensive review, because college coaching jobs require in most part credentials of an undergraduate degree or beyond.

In other words, success on the sidelines and compiling a respectable record at a mid-major school (Manhattan) and working under a successful coach, Pitino, does require more of a background check when it comes to credentials.

Perhaps the more significant issue here revolves around college coaches leaving a school to take another opportunity while under contract. In that case, as is with Masiello, the student/athletes become the victims. Those under scholarship and recruits are betrayed and left to consider other options.

Success can be an option, but it has to be accomplished the correct way. We see this time-and-time again. The reputation of college athletics is becoming more like professional sports and big business that includes mega-million contracts with cable television networks and for the coaches.

This is not only an issue for Manhattan College but the entire NCAA community of schools. There is a concern and this goes beyond the status of Steve Masiello and his future.

Comment Rich Mancuso: Mancuso   

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Bronx News ( FBI Now Involved in Norwood Double Homicide

Bronx News ( FBI Now Involved in Norwood Double Homicide: FBI Now Involved in Norwood Double Homicide By David Greene BRONX, NEW YORK, MARCH 26- A new flyer posted by law enforcement officia...

FBI Now Involved in Norwood Double Homicide

FBI Now Involved in Norwood Double Homicide

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By David Greene

BRONX, NEW YORK, MARCH 26- A new flyer posted by law enforcement officials shows that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is now involved in an unsolved double homicide that took place last year on Perry Avenue in Norwood.

The bodies of Jason and Jennifer Rivera were found inside a white SUV along Perry Avenue near East Gun Hill Road, on January 16, 2013.

According to the flyer, both Jason, 30, and Jennifer, his 20-year old niece, were both shot, "execution-style" in the back of their heads.

The flier states, "The FBI and the NYPD are seeking information," in the deaths of the pair and offers a $5,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the responsible parties or individual.

At the time of the killing, one police source stated that two individuals were seen fleeing the area on home surveillance video obtained by police from a resident of the block, but if investigators have such a video, it has not yet been released to the public.

Police and FBI officials could not immediately say who is posting the reward.

A spokeswoman with the FBI confirmed they were working the double murder with investigators from the 52nd Precinct's detective squad.

The spokeswoman confirmed, "We had been working with the NYPD on another case," at the time Jennifer and Jason were killed, prompting the FBI's involvement.

Residents of the block reported no gunfire that night, leading investigators to believe that the pair were killed at another location and then taken to Perry Avenue.
With the street's, "No snitching" motto clearly in effect, the flyer posted by officers at the corner of Perry Avenue and East Gun Hill Road was torn down after just a couple of days.

Anyone with any information is asked to call CRIMESTOPPERS at (800) 577-TIPS.
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Bronx News ( Coach Drops Bx. School like a Bad Habit

Bronx News ( Coach Drops Bx. School like a Bad Habit: Coach Drops Bx. School like a Bad Habit No Sooner is Manhattan Out of March Madness, Accepts Coaching Gig in Florida By Howard Goldin BRO...

Coach Drops Bx. School like a Bad Habit

Coach Drops Bx. School like a Bad Habit
No Sooner is Manhattan Out of March Madness, Accepts Coaching Gig in Florida
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By Howard Goldin
BRONX NEWS, MARCH 26- March Madness is in full swing. The Sweet 16 will begin play on Friday. The excitement is high in New York City as the Eastern Regional will be held in Madison Square Garden, the “Mecca of Basketball”. It is the first time since 1961 that the NCAA Tournament will be at MSG.

Less than one week after the final game of the Jaspers for this season, reports were first heard at CBS that Steve Masiello, the head coach of the Manhattan Jaspers, had accepted the head coaching position at the USF (University of South Florida). Those stories have since spread to many internet sites, newspapers, radio and television stations. 

Masiello is a product of the New York metropolitan area. He was born in White Plains and educated in that area through high school. His relationship with Rick Pitino drew him away from the Northeast on several occasions. He first worked with Pitino in the late 1980’s when Masiello was the ball boy with the Pitino coached New York Knicks.

Masiello entered college at the University of Kentucky, where Pitino was the head basketball coach. Masiello, not greatly talented, but very gritty, was a walk-on. With Pitino’s encouragement Masiello began his coaching career after his graduation in 2000.

He stayed in the South for his first post-college year as he served as administrative assistant at the University of Tulane.  

The next year, Masiello began the first of two tours at Manhattan College in the Bronx, where he was an assistant coach from 2001-5. The team improved during those few years and qualified for the NCAA Tournament in 2003 and 2004. 

Masiello’s mentor, Pitino, again attracted Masiello to the South the following year, when Masiello started a six-year tenure as one of Pitino’s assistant coaches at Louisville. 

With Pitino’s blessing, Massiello returned to Manhattan in 2011 to accept the head coaching job. The Japers made the biggest turnaround in college basketball as they finished 21-13 in Masiello’s first season at the helm. In the previous year, they had only been victors in only six games. 

The Jaspers this season automatically qualified for the NCAA by winning the MAAC Tournament with a defeat over Iona in the final. To the grave disappointment of both Masiello and Pitino, the teams of the two coaches met in a first round game in Orlando. The more talented Louisville Cardinals were victorious in a hard fought contest.

Five days after that contest, it appears that Masiello is moving from the Bronx to Florida to coach USF. Stan Heath, the coach of USF for the past seven years, was fired on March 14. A search has been underway to hire a replacement. Heath compiled a very disappointing mark of 37-89 during those tears. A new Athletic Director, Mark Harlan, took office on Monday. 

It has been reported that Masiello asked the advice of his mentor who strongly encouraged him to take the USF job. Also, it was said that Chris Sullivan, the co-founder of Outback Steakhouse, and an important individual in Tampa, has been strongly supportive of Masiello’s hiring. Sullivan is a close confident of Pitino. 

It has been reported Masiello will earn $1,000,000 per year for a contract lasting five years. There are several candidates that will now be considered for the vacant coaching position at Manhattan.

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Monday, March 24, 2014

Bronx News ( Fire Destroys Shopping Strip

Bronx News ( Fire Destroys Shopping Strip: Fire Destroys Shopping Strip  By David Greene BRONX, NEW YORK, MARCH 24- Firefighters battled a wind-fueled fire that tore through a row...

Fire Destroys Shopping Strip

Fire Destroys Shopping Strip 

By David Greene

BRONX, NEW YORK, MARCH 24- Firefighters battled a wind-fueled fire that tore through a row of businesses along East Burnside Avenue, destroying at least two stores and at least two other stores suffered extensive damage.

Officials say the blaze broke out at 10:35 a.m. on March 23, inside of Fino men's clothing store at the corner of Walton Avenue.

The fire quickly spread to an adjacent 99 cent store. Flames ripped through the roof of both businesses and both were completely destroyed.

A plume of black smoke hovered eerily over the Mount Hope neighborhood for the first hour of the blaze, before it dissipated into a white smoke that blended into the approaching clouds. 

Fire officials could not confirm, but it appeared that a cell phone store was also destroyed in the three-alarm blaze.

Fire damaged the rear of at least two businesses-- a meat store and a fruit store.

Nearly 140 firefighters from 33 units fought back the flames and were able to save the Radio Shack, an Amalgamated Bank and a furniture store on the opposite corner from where the fire began.

The blaze was eventually brought under control at 2:27 p.m., but two tower ladders sprayed the smoldering pockets of fire for the rest of the afternoon.

Three firefighters suffered minor injuries and were transported to local hospitals.

Fire marshals remain on the scene a day later and continue to investigate the blaze's origin.   

Bronx News ( Lady Rams Leave the Big Dance

Bronx News ( Lady Rams Leave the Big Dance: Lady Rams Leave the Big Dance By Howard Goldin BRONX NEWS, MARCH 24- The only team representing the Bronx in the Women’s NCAA Tournament,...

Lady Rams Leave the Big Dance

Lady Rams Leave the Big Dance

By Howard Goldin

BRONX NEWS, MARCH 24- The only team representing the Bronx in the Women’s NCAA Tournament, Fordham University, seeded 10th, played competitively throughout its first round contest against the seventh seeded California Lady Bears at Waco, Texas. A victor was not decided until the final seconds of the game.

The Lady Bears ran up their largest lead in the first half, six points, 13-7, with a three at 14:25. At that point, the Rams of Fordham began a 14-1 scoring run that raised their advantage to a game high of seven points, 21-14, at 7:51. The run was culminated by a three by Erin Rooney. After the last first half tie at 28, Fordham’s Emily Tapio sunk a basket that gave Fordham a 30-28 lead at the half.

During the second half, neither team displayed any intention to accept losing the contest. The score was knotted eight times and the lead changed hands on nine occasions. 

Three of the lead changes took place during the final 31.5 seconds of play. With the Rams leading, 61-60, Afure Jemerigbe netted two free throw to give the Bears a 62-61 lead. The ball then was given to the star of each team, Erin Rooney of the Rams and Brittany Brown of the Bears to hopefully give her team a win. They are two of only three players in the NCAA this year who averaged at least 14 points, 6 rebounds and 5 assists per game.

With 19 seconds on the clock, Rooney’s basket provided the Rams with a 63-62 advantage. Five seconds later, Brown’s layup gave the lead back to the Bears, 64-63. Rooney took the final shot of the game, but it was blocked by Reshanda Gray. The block was caused by a defensive switch made by Cal coach Lindsay Gottlieb. 

The two backcourt leaders of their teams played outstandingly and achieved double-doubles. Brown scored 22, 16 in the second half, dished 10 assists and grabbed 6 rebounds. Rooney scored 17, hauled down 10 boards and passed for five assists. 

Coach Stephanie Gaitley assessed the two, one day before the contest was played, “I think Erin is very disciplined. I think she is more of a disciplined guard and I think Brittany can really create her own shots and she does a great job of getting other people shots as well. In so many ways, what they both do for their teams is very similar.”

Although the Rams were narrowly edged in Saturday afternoon’s contest, their improvement since Gaitley assumed the head coaching position is remarkable. In the 2007-8 season, the Rams were 0-29. Under the helm of Gaitley for the past three seasons, Fordham has won 62 games, a Fordham record high of 25 in each of the last two years.

Two star Fordham seniors commented on the team’s rise. Rooney remarked, “I think it’s just nice to be able to put a school on the map. It’s a great school, and people, I think, think of it as more of an academic school, and to be part of a team that can put it out there in in the sporting world and get people to recognize it, it’s pretty special.” 

Another Fordham senior, Abigail Corning, said, “It means a lot to be a part of the historical run that we’ve put together and really building our program up from obviously winning zero six years ago.”

Meaningful comments regarding Fordham were tweeted by Scarsdale native Lindsay Gottlieb, the classy and highly successful coach of Cal, “Major credit and kudos to @Fordham WBB. Well coached is an understatement. [They are] excellent players with a winning attitude.”

Bronx News ( Split for Jaspers

Bronx News ( Split for Jaspers: Split for Jaspers (Photos by Gary Quintal) By Gary Quintal BRONX NEWS, MARCH 24- Manhattan Softball split a pair of games Sunday afternoo...

Split for Jaspers

Split for Jaspers

(Photos by Gary Quintal)

By Gary Quintal

BRONX NEWS, MARCH 24- Manhattan Softball split a pair of games Sunday afternoon at Gaelic Park.  

The Lady Jaspers took the opening game 9-0, but Long Island University took the second contest 10-7.  

Manhattan continues its home stand this week facing Fairleigh Dickinson and opens its conference play against Quinnipiac in doubleheaders this week.  

Friday, March 21, 2014

Bronx News ( Trouble in Workers’ Paradise

Bronx News ( Trouble in Workers’ Paradise: Trouble in Workers’ Paradise Management Not Paying Workers on the Clock? Workers Not Paid for Goofing Off? By Michael Horowitz BR...

Trouble in Workers’ Paradise

Trouble in Workers’ Paradise
Management Not Paying Workers on the Clock?
Workers Not Paid for Goofing Off?

By Michael Horowitz

BRONX NEWS, MARCH 21- The Riverbay Corporation, in a telling “fact sheet” officials distributed to shareholders said that it is perfectly legal for Riverbay to give workers “the choice” of getting compensating time in lieu of overtime pay.

In their fact sheet, Riverbay states that the compensating time is allowed under the collective-bargaining agreements that Co-op City has with several of its unions.

In its statement, Riverbay notes that no union has ever filed a grievance challenging the compensating-time option, which attorneys for workers suing Co-op City say is a clear violation of the federal Fair Labor Standards Act, as well as New York State laws on the same subject. 

“Honoring the employee’s choice of compensating time is not `cheating” the employee,” Riverbay stressed, in its prepared fact sheet.

Brett Gallaway, who represents more than 100 current and former Co-op City employees who have joined the suit against Riverbay, has stated, unequivocally, that no collective-bargaining agreement can “trump” federal and state laws that protect hourly employees against abuses by private employers.

Gallaway has stated that the federal Fair Labor Standards Act has protected hourly employees against abuses by employers since the 1930’s. 

The only exception, Gallaway has stressed, applies to government employees. Federal law gives governmental entities the option of giving hourly employees compensating time in lieu of overtime pay.
Co-op City is seemingly different from every other workplace. 

“Time worked is not based on punch time (the time clock),” the Riverbay Crop[oration stated in a “fact sheet” that management officials disseminated a townhall meeting in the auditorium of the Dreiser Loop Community Center.

Management’s startling admission could make it extremely difficult for the Riverbay Corporation to defend itself against a multi-million-dollar lawsuit against Co-op City that more than 100 current and former workers have reportedly joined.

Responding to a lawsuit alleging that Riverbay has been “cheating workers,” the fact sheet, in effect, alleges that Co-op City’s workers routinely cheat the housing company.

In its statement challenging accounts in the News, management states that those suing Co-op City seem to expect to be paid for time they spend socializing with one another, having breakfast, and otherwise not working.

A businessman, who wished to remain unidentified, stressed, this week, “It is up to the management of Co-op City to monitor their employees’ behavior. The management of Co-op City seems to be saying that pay is being routinely deducted from workers’ pay because everyone knows that workers routinely goof off on their jobs. That’s a helluva statement to make unless you can prove it. In the workplace, the time clock is God. It governs what workers are to be paid. That’s the law!”

In its telling statement on overtime pay for its workers, management stated, in part, “Time worked is not based on punch time; it is based on time actually performing work the employer permits the employee to perform. When some employees arrive before their scheduled shift, they punch in and then socialize, are on their cell phone or I-pad, go to the store to get breakfast, and otherwise are not performing work.”

The Riverbay statement continues, “Federal law only requires employers to pay overtime for work performed in excess of 40 hours. Riverbay pays overtime if an employee works more than 40 hours in a week or earns overtime under the employee’s collective-bargaining agreement. The Co-op City workers are not being cheated out of overtime, and Riverbay is aware of no employer filing an overtime grievance with their union representative.”

Bronx News ( Jaspers Can’t Beat the Odds

Bronx News ( Jaspers Can’t Beat the Odds: Jaspers Can’t Beat the Odds March Madness Ends for Manhattan By Howard Goldin BRONX, NEW YORK, MARCH 21- Neither the Manhattan Ja...

Jaspers Can’t Beat the Odds

Jaspers Can’t Beat the Odds
March Madness Ends for Manhattan

By Howard Goldin

BRONX, NEW YORK, MARCH 21- Neither the Manhattan Jaspers nor the Louisville Cardinals traveled to Orlando, Florida to visit Walt Disney World. The 13th seeded Jaspers were given the unenviable task of trying to eliminate the defending national champion Cardinals in the first round of the NCAA Tournament. 

Although ranked 5th in the nation, Louisville was only selected to be a 4th seed in the tourney. The coach of Louisville, the experienced Rick Pitino did not complain about the seeding of his team, but was vocal in his displeasure of facing Manhattan, “The matchups don’t make sense to me. It’s not ok with the matchups. We press like him, we trap like him, his offsets are like ours. That’s why I don’t like the game. I don’t think it’s fair. This is anybody’s game; it’s not 1-16.”

Manhattan coach Steve Masiello, the junior partner of a lengthy, close relationship, was also upset about coaching against his mentor, “It’s just not fun for me going against someone I have to try to beat, and, almost in my mind, think negatively about. It’s hard for me to do that.”

Masiello has had a positive and close relationship with Pitino for nearly a quarter of a century. As a youngster of 12, Masiello was ball boy for the Pitino coached New York Knicks. He followed Pitino to the University of Kentucky, where he played as a reserve on Pitino’s team. Encouraged by Pitino to be a coach, Masiello served as one of Pitino’s assistants at Louisville from 2005-2011.

He was hired as the head coach at Manhattan three years ago. He had worked at the college a decade earlier as an assistant coach.

Each team played with a full effort and each coach made every move to ensure a victory for his team. 

Louisville took an early lead, but the score was knotted at 8 at 16:30. The Cardinals led throughout the rest of the first half, raising their advantage to a game high eight points, 31-23, with 2:23 on the clock. The Cardinals led, 35-29, at the half.

The Jaspers scored eight unanswered points to begin the second half and take their first lead of the contest, 37-35, at 16:21. The Jaspers did not lead again until 4:57 and the score was tied four additional times, the final time with two minutes left in the contest. Experienced Louisville guard Luke Hancock then took the game over with the score knotted at 60 by scoring eight consecutive points, two threes and two free throws. 

Louisville was victorious by a score of 71-64. Before leaving the court, Pitino praised his former player and assistant Masiello in the highest terms, “That’s one of the best coaching jobs I’ve seen in my 39 years. 

The Manhattan players and staff should return to the Bronx with their heads held high. Louisville will move to the second round to face the St. Louis Billikins on Saturday.

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Bronx News ( Subway Muggers Sought

Bronx News ( Subway Muggers Sought: Subway Muggers Sought Police Seek to Identify D-Train Robbers By David Greene BRONX NEW YORK, MARCH 20- P olice have released a video and ...

Subway Muggers Sought

Subway Muggers Sought
Police Seek to Identify D-Train Robbers

By David Greene

BRONX NEW YORK, MARCH 20- Police have released a video and several photos and are hoping the public can help identify two groups of suspects wanted in connection with two cellphone robberies at a Norwood train station.

According to police, an unidentified 20-year-old male victim was on the mezzanine level of the East 205 Street station when he was approached from behind by two assailants at 8:30 p.m., on February 16.

The victim reported that one of two suspects produced a firearm and demanded valuables. The suspects removed the victim’s wallet and cellphone before fleeing the station.

A surveillance camera captured the two suspects as they exited the station. They are both described as male Hispanics. The armed suspect reportedly had braids in his hair and wore a black hat.

Police reported a second incident that took place at the same train station at 8:15 p.m. on February 17.

Cops in that case say the 34-year-old victim had boarded a southbound D-train when an individual grabbed the victim’s cellphone and fled.

The victim reportedly gave chase and was surrounded on the platform by a group of suspects, who punched him in the face several times and fled.

Investigators have also released surveillance photos of the six suspects in this case, all believed to be in their teens or early 20's. The photo were taken as they too fled the station.

Repeated attempts to reach Gilbert Santos, the MTA Station Manager for the 205 Street Station were unsuccessful.

An employee answering phones at the MTA Transit Police Department referred calls for information to the NYPD.

Police suggest subway riders keep all electronic devices secured and out of sight at all times.

Anyone with any information on either of the individuals is asked to call CRIMESTOPPERS at (800) 577-TIPS or by texting 274637 (CRIMES) and enter TIP577, all calls remain confidential.

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Bronx News ( Can Jackson Turn the Knicks Around?

Bronx News ( Can Jackson Turn the Knicks Around?: Can Jackson Turn the Knicks Around?  By Howard Goldin BRONX NEW, MARCH 19-   On Tuesday morning, Phil Jackson returned to the scene...

Can Jackson Turn the Knicks Around?

Can Jackson Turn the Knicks Around? 

By Howard Goldin

BRONX NEW, MARCH 19- On Tuesday morning, Phil Jackson returned to the scene of his first success in the NBA, Madison Square Garden. The 68-year-old former player and coach was present for a press conference in which it was announced that he signed a 5-year contract to be the President of the New York Knicks.

Named to the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame several years ago, Jackson has compiled one of the most impressive marks in NBA history. He has the highest winning percentage of any NBA coach, .704, and his teams have won a record 11 NBA titles. 

Jackson was also part of the two championship years of the New York franchise, 1970 and 1973, as a player. As a reminder of those highly respected teams, teammates Walt “Clyde” Frazier and Dick Barnett, and the son of Dave DeBusschere were at the conference. Messages were read from another teammate, Willis Reed, and the daughter of their beloved, late coach “Red”’ Holtzman.

The happiest words that fans of the Knicks heard were spoken by owner James Dolan. He affirmed he would “willingly and gratefully cede authority” to Phil Jackson on basketball decisions. Dolan admitted, “I think I’m a little out of my element when it comes to the team. My whole job now is supporting them [Jackson and General Manager Steve Mills] in winning a championship.”

Dolan also said of Jackson, “Phil has a vision for the Knicks to put us on the path to success. Phil will be in charge of all basketball operations.”
Jackson accepted that statement as a proviso for his accepting the position with the Knicks, “I wouldn’t come if that hadn’t happened.” 

After such great success with the Chicago Bulls and Los Angeles Lakers, Jackson is returning where he began in the NBA. Although he has children, grandchildren and a girlfriend living in California and must be there for medical treatments, Jackson will make the move east, “Moving to the city is difficult but important. I’ll be moving back and forth, but this is where I’ll establish myself.”

His experience has taught him, “This is the best place to play basketball. There’s no better place to win than in New York City. We’re going to make it here.”

He also explained the reason for accepting an executive rather than a position on the court, “I’m too old to play and too lame to coach. I got intrigued to enter into an executive, management position.”

Of the people Jackson was asked to comment on were Carmelo Anthony and current coach Mike Woodson. He spoke positively and carefully of each. Of Anthony he said, “I think Carmelo, as great a player as he is, has another level he can go to.” On the previous day, Anthony spoke with humility regarding cooperating with Jackson, “I’m still willing to learn. I haven’t won anything.” 

Regarding Woodson, Jackson remarked, “Mike has shown he’s a very good basketball coach. He hopes the coach can lead the team the playoffs this year. He expected to meet with Woodson at the end of the season to discuss the future.

He spoke in relatively general terms of the principles he espouses, a team game and a system like the Triangle Offense, “I believe in system basketball.”

He expects 2015 to be the year of great improvement. There will be a larger number of renowned free agents available than this year. Jackson added, perhaps to encourage Anthony and the fans, “We’re looking forward to another solid contributor to help Carmelo.”

Bronx News ( Pineda Lands Spot as Yankee Starter

Bronx News ( Pineda Lands Spot as Yankee Starter: Pineda Lands Spot as Yankee Starter By Rich Mancuso BRONX NEW, MARCH 19- Michael Pineda has finally arrived for the New York Yanke...

Pineda Lands Spot as Yankee Starter

Pineda Lands Spot as Yankee Starter

By Rich Mancuso

BRONX NEW, MARCH 19- Michael Pineda has finally arrived for the New York Yankees. The 25-year-old right-hander, who underwent left shoulder surgery almost two years ago, just about solidified a fifth start in the Yankees rotation after another outstanding outing on the mound Tuesday in a spring start against the Red Sox down in Tampa Florida.

From all indications the competition is over. Manager Joe Girardi has no choice but to anoint Pineda as one of the five in the Yankees pitching rotation. The questions about Pineda’s fastball remain, but his comeback looks to be complete, Pineda has been a question mark since that trade from Seattle that brought him to the Bronx for two pitchers and a catcher, Jesus Montero in the off-season of January 2012. The Yankees, at the time took a risk because it was always thought that Montero would be an eventual successor for Jorge Posada.

After the trade, Pineda developed problems with the shoulder and underwent surgery. He sat out the entire 2012 season and attempted to throw a ball last year in spring training. The Yankees, until now, appeared to be losers in the deal.

But Pineda went through extensive rehab that now has propelled him to be the projected number 5 starter for the Yankees.

“We got to figure out what’s best for our team overall,” said Yankees manager Joe Girardi, after Pineda struck out five, gave up no runs on four hits in 4 1/3 innings. Girardi would like to see Pineda go longer in another game or two before the team breaks camp next week and heads to opening day in two weeks at Houston.

If Pineda is indeed healthy, it makes the Yankees that much better in the pitching rotation. There are expectations that a slimmer CC Sabathia will have the velocity and have a comeback season as the ace. And though these are spring games that mean nothing, the other three projected Yankees starters appear to be ready for the season.

That includes one of their prize off-season investments, Japanese right-hander Masahiro Tanaka who had no issue throwing to Major League hitters. Pineda, from all accounts had his slider clocked at 85. The fastball may never get back to 97, but his command and consistency throwing at 92 have made an impression.

This is what the Yankees were hoping for, though it has taken some time. There were thoughts of releasing Pineda last year when two attempts at getting a start did not materialize because there were recurring issues with the shoulder.

GM Brian Cashman, and the Yankees hierarchy would not take no as an answer. The trade to get Pineda was supposed to supplement Sabathia in the rotation and they gave up Montero who was considered a top prospect. Ivan Nova was another prospect at the time, who is projected to be a number four starter in the rotation.

Girardi added, “He (Pineda) does not look like a guy who’s coming back from a serious injury.” In his rookie season of 2011 with Seattle, Pineda went 9-10 with a 3.74 ERA in 28 starts and finished fifth in AL Rookie of the Year voting.

So, unless something goes wrong in the next 10 days, Pineda appears to be a lock for the rotation.  And that only makes the Yankees more formidable on the mound and leaves Cashman with a smile.

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Bronx News ( St. Patrick’s Day Parade

Bronx News ( St. Patrick’s Day Parade: St. Patrick’s Day Parade Irish Eyes Smile in the Bronx BRONX NEW, MARCH 17- East Tremont Avenue was a sea of green as Bronx residents cel...

St. Patrick’s Day Parade

St. Patrick’s Day Parade

Irish Eyes Smile in the Bronx

BRONX NEW, MARCH 17- East Tremont Avenue was a sea of green as Bronx residents celebrated St. Patrick’s Day.

Photos by Gary Quintal

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Bronx News ( Nobody Told Us About Outbreak

Bronx News ( Nobody Told Us About Outbreak: Nobody Told Us About Outbreak Residents Fuming Over Silence on Disease By Michael Horowitz BRONX NEW YORK, MARCH 14- Co-op City shareholde...

Nobody Told Us About Outbreak

Nobody Told Us About Outbreak
Residents Fuming Over Silence on Disease

By Michael Horowitz

BRONX NEW YORK, MARCH 14- Co-op City shareholders, speaking out during interviews expressed concerns that they had just found out about two confirmed cases of Legionnaires’ Disease in their building, one from last summer and one from 13 months earlier than that.

Among the Building 27 shareholders who were interviewed, only Teresa Acevedo said that she was not concerned about reports of cases of Legionnaires’ Disease in her building.

Expressing the dominant point of view among those questioned Ariel Jimenez, walking out of his building with his 5-year-old son, Elian, said, “This is really spooky. I’m concerned for the little ones who don’t have fully developed immune systems to fight disease, and, of course, I’m concerned for everyone else in the building. We should have been told about this in December, when management and the city’s Health Department first found out about it.”

Jimenez added, “Like many people in our building, we have had problems with mold in our apartment. Under the circumstances, it should have been even more important for the shareholders in our building to know what was happening in terms of the cases of Legionnaires’ Disease.”

Expressing an even more vocal view, Ethel Minkin stressed, “This whole thing about Legionnaires’ Disease in our building is a shock to me. Riverbay should be sued for this. Co-op City is a nice place, but there are too many secrets. The shareholders have a right to know what’s going on.”

Rena Mena, a former paramedic, added, “We have a whole lot of environmental problems in our apartments. I have toxic black mold in my apartment, which Maintenance workers keep fixing because it keeps coming back. I suffer from asthma, so I’m especially concerned, like Legionnaires’ Disease, that could make it more difficult for me to breathe.”

A shareholder, who wished to remain unidentified, stressed, “We just got through settling an environmental lawsuit in North Carolina, and now, we have to deal with this. I have a 1-year-old daughter, and I’m extremely concerned about our health.”

Bronx News ( The Ball’s Over for Cinderella Rams

Bronx News ( The Ball’s Over for Cinderella Rams: The Ball’s Over for Cinderella Rams Fordham Ends Season with an 87-74 Loss to Dayton By Howard Goldin BRONX NEWS, MARCH 14- The high fl...

The Ball’s Over for Cinderella Rams

The Ball’s Over for Cinderella Rams
Fordham Ends Season with an 87-74 Loss to Dayton

By Howard Goldin

BRONX NEWS, MARCH 14- The high flying Dayton Flyers (23-9) triumphed over the Rams of Fordham (10-21) after a first half of nearly unstoppable shooting from the floor, (17 for 27) 63 percent. At the same time, they prevented Fordham from putting the ball in the basket. Fordham only netted 9 for 33 (27.3 percent) during the first half. 

A 3 pointer by Vee Sanford at 15:51 raised the lead of the Flyers to double digits. His first basket of the contest set the tone for a perfect shooting game for the 6-4 senior. When the buzzer sounded to end the game, Sanford had netted all nine of his shots from the floor, three of three from beyond the arc and both of his attempts from the free throw line. 

After the contest, Sanford responded to the praise of a reporter, “Far from being perfect. Just a good night and I’m glad my teammates could find me. I think the last game I had like this was in high school.”

After the score, 18-8, reached double figures again, the Flyers continued to increase their lead until reaching a game high lead of 22 (47-25) with 1:58 left on the clock in the first half. The score was 50-31 at the half.

Each coach described his team’s performance in the initial period. Fordham’s Tom Pecora remarked, “We started the game like we ran out of gas. We were tired from last night. They [Dayton] really made some great shots.”

On the other hand, Archie Miller of Dayton opined, “I thought we got off to an outstanding start on both ends of the floor.”

The Rams began the second half with great intensity and improved shooting. The Rams cut the deficit to seven at 14:30 after a beginning scoring run of 17-5. Pecora explained his halftime talk to his team, “I didn’t even yell to be quite honest…I really just talked to them about having pride…If you go out and you give the effort you’re capable of, the score will take care of itself. Maybe we’ll get back in the game and maybe we’ll steal it.”

Although Fordham outscored Dayton , 43-37, in the second half, the Rams could not prevent Dayton from shooting more than 50 percent from the floor. Thus, the lead increased to 87-74 at the conclusion of the contest.

At the conclusion of the game, Miller stated, “Advancing is the greatest feeling in the world this time of year.” His team did advance and will face the #4 seed Saint Joseph’s, on Friday afternoon in the quarter-finals.

Branden Frazier, a young man from the neighborhood where Barclays is located, ended his career at Fordham in sterling fashion by scoring 30 points. The result of his effort raised his career point total at Fordham to 1,642 and his total of assists to 492. 

The 6-1 senior explained the meaning of ending his college career in his own neighborhood, “It was good to be home, growing up down the block. I just felt comfortable playing and had a lot of friends and family here…To have everyone stand up for me and clapping, even people who were not Fordham fans, meant a lot to me, just to go down and hug every single person that I went to battle with in every game is special.”

Pecora talked of his respect for Frazier, “He was coming with us at Hofstra and when I decided to make a move and come to Fordham, it was one of the first phone calls I got…Branden said ’Coach, I’m with you, it you’ll have me.’ He’s grown as a player; he’s grown as a person; he’s graduating; he’s a fine student, and you can see the way people react to him here and everywhere. He’s just a wonderful kid. I have an 11 year-old son and if he can be like him, I’d be blessed.”

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Bronx News ( Fordham’s Cinderella Story?

Bronx News ( Fordham’s Cinderella Story?: Fordham’s Cinderella Story? Rams Win First Atlantic 10 Conference Tournament Game Since 2007 By Howard Goldin BRONX NEWS, MARCH 13- As th...

Fordham’s Cinderella Story?

Fordham’s Cinderella Story?

Rams Win First Atlantic 10 Conference Tournament Game Since 2007

By Howard Goldin

BRONX NEWS, MARCH 13- As this year’s Atlantic-10 Conference Tournament included all teams in the conference, the last place Fordham Rams were given an opportunity to participate. The Rams last took part in the tourney in 2008. Their most recent tournament victory was a 63-61 win over the Richmond Spiders in 2007. Thus, Fordham’s (10-20) defeat of the George Mason Patriots (11-20) on Wednesday night at Barclays Center was a source of pride and satisfaction to the team and staff, Fordham students, alumni and its fans.

A free throw by 6-8 junior Erik Copes of George Mason began the scoring. A jump shot by Brooklyn native Bryan Smith of the Rams gave Fordham its first advantage at 18:58. Fordham kept that lead throughout the game. An 18-9 scoring run by the Rams capped by a jumper by freshman Jon Severe at 11:32 raised the Fordham lead to double figures for the first time in the contest. Four times later in the first half the Rams reached their highest advantage of the contest, 11 points. The Rams led, 33-26, at the half.

Early in the second half, six unanswered points by Fordham allowed the Rams to again achieve an 11 point lead, 29-28, at 17:16. A 15-5 run by the Patriots mid-way through the second half cut the deficit to a single point , 48-47 with 9:02 remaining in the game. 

In the final minute of the game, nine players had opportunities from the free throw line. Five fouls were committed by George Mason with the hope of catching up to Fordham in the last 60 seconds. Four Patriots were also sent to the charity stripe by Fordham fouls even though the Rams were leading. 

Fordham coach Tom Pecora commented on his strategy, “I’m a convert [to fouling to prevent a basket from being scored]. You got to foul. They’re so good in shooting.” 

Free throws were a factor in Fordham’s 70-67 victory. In the first half, Fordham missed its only free throw attempt. In the second half, the Rams netted 21 of 31 from the charity stripe. In contrast, the Patriots only had 17 free throw attempts and sunk 11 of the shots, a 10 point disadvantage in a game they lost by three. Of the calls, Pecora said he advised his team, “Do everything hard. You can get the respect of the officials.”

Fordham controlled the boards, 50-42, thanks to the rebounding of Ryan Canty, who pulled down 19 boards. Pecora opined, “It was a career night for Ryan Canty. He’s a great rebounder.  Senior Branden Frazier surmised, “He [Canty] enjoys rebounding and the team feeds off that.” 

For Brooklyn natives Frazier and Smith of Fordham the trip home was very meaningful. Frazier remarked, “I grew up down the block. Being in Brooklyn helped us a lot.” Smith was especially pleased to see family and friends in the arena, “A lot of people who couldn’t come to Fordham to see me came here today.”

Of the two, Pecora said, “It took guts for them to come to Fordham. They were highly recruited.” 

Fordham advances to play the 5th seed, the Dayton flyers, on Thursday afternoon. 

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Bronx News ( Picking Up the Pieces

Bronx News ( Picking Up the Pieces: Picking Up the Pieces Fire destroys 2 buildings in Morrisania By David Greene BRONX NEWS, MARCH 12- A long struggling community must onc...

Picking Up the Pieces

Picking Up the Pieces
Fire destroys 2 buildings in Morrisania

By David Greene

BRONX NEWS, MARCH 12- A long struggling community must once again pick up the pieces after a devastating fire destroyed two buildings and has closed two popular businesses and left several families homeless.

Fire officials were first called to the three-alarm blaze at the Pamela Deli, located at 781 E. 163 Street at 3:30 p.m. on March 6. Fire officials and witnesses at the scene reported flames and smoke pouring out from all three floors of the wood-frame structure, before an adjacent building also caught fire.

A third building suffered multiple broken windows, as well as smoke and water damage, as firefighters vented the building. The thick, black smoke could be seen billowing high above Tinton Avenue for several miles.

Kevin Hudson, who works at an adjacent SRO had just left work and was several blocks away when he saw the speeding fire trucks, when he raced back to his building to assist with the evacuation of the 51 residents.

As firefighters were just bringing the fire under control, Hudson said of his residents, "Everyone is fine, but there's a lot of smoke in the hallways." He concluded, "Everyone evacuated quickly, there use to it. We do drills every week."
Two firefighters suffered minor burns and were transported to local hospitals. Nearly 150 firefighters from 33 units, including one unit from as far away as New Jersey battled the flames for several hours. Firemen remained at the scene the rest of the night as fire flared-up several times.

The Department of Buildings would later deem the structure unsafe and the building would be torn down.

The building's owner Pamela Baez, who has run the popular deli for the better part of three-decades, has vowed to rebuild.

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Bronx News ( Bronx Ready for March Madness

Bronx News ( Bronx Ready for March Madness: Bronx Ready for March Madness Manhattan, Fordham, Advance to NCAA Tourney By Howard Goldin BRONX NEWS, MARCH 12- Representati...

Bronx Ready for March Madness

Bronx Ready for March Madness

Manhattan, Fordham, Advance to NCAA Tourney

By Howard Goldin

BRONX NEWS, MARCH 12- Representatives of the Bronx will be participants in March Madness of 2014 as the Manhattan Jaspers men and the Fordham Rams women automatically qualified for the NCAA National Tournament by virtue of winning their conference tournaments. 

The Manhattan Jaspers (25-7) reversed last year’s MAAC Tournament final result by defeating the 1st seeded Iona Gaels by three points, 71-68, on Monday night, to advance to the NCAA National Tournament. The second seeded Jaspers advanced to the final contest by a win over Saint Peter’s and Quinnipiac in earlier rounds of the tourney.

The victory over Iona advanced the Jaspers into the true March Madness for the fourth time. They last were in the nationals a decade ago, 2004. Prior to that year, they were in the NCAA’s in 2003 and 1993. Interestingly, their current head coach, Steve Masiello was an assistant coach in the successes of 2003 and 2004. 

MAAC Tournament MVP George Beamon led Manhattan with 16 points and eight boards. Rhamel Brown scored 15. Shane Richards, with four from beyond the arc, scored 14. Emmy Andujar netted 12.

One day earlier the women hoopsters of Fordham University (25-7) captured the Atlantic-10 Tournament with a 63-51 victory over the 1st seeded Dayton Flyers. This tournament title was the first for the Rams in the respected athletic conference. The Rams advanced to the National Tournament for the second time. Their last appearance was 20 years ago, 1994.

At 16:09, Dayton was up by 8-2. A jumper by senior Abigail Corning at 3:05 gave the Rams their first lead of the game. The Flyers, as they had for most of the first half, led at the half, 30-29.

The game was competitive throughput the early minutes of the second half. After a tie at 43 was broken by two free throws by Emily Tapio at 13:07, the Rams never again lost the lead. Stephanie Gaitley, the Fordham head coach, remarked, “They were very focused. Confidence grew as we came down the stretch.”

Three of the starters for Fordham achieved double-doubles. Erin Rooney scored 13 and grabbed 13 boards. Emily Tapio accomplished her fifth double-double in the past eight contests with 10 points and 12 rebounds. The A-10 Tournament MVP, Corning, scored 12 with 10 rebounds.

The seeding and location of play for Manhattan will br announced on Sunday and for Fordham will be announced Monday.

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