Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Boro Prez endorses Thompson


By Robert Press




BRONX, NEW YORK, May 7- While the Bronx Week Kick Off was on Monday May 6th, on Tuesday May 7th BP Diaz was on the steps of City Hall to endorse his longtime friend Bill Thompson in the upcoming Democratic primary for mayor. In explaining why he chose to endorse Thompson, Bronx BP Ruben Diaz Jr. said that he had spoken to all the major Democratic candidates, and that in the past Comptroller Thompson has helped the Bronx.


Four years ago when many people were on the fence to support Thompson, he (Diaz) had no problem supporting Thompson for mayor then and again now. Thompson thanked Diaz Jr. for his endorsement, and said that he hopes it is the beginning of many more import endorsements to come. Mayoral candidate Bill Thompson is proud to also have the endorsement of Bronx Congressman Jose Serrano, and his son State Senator Jose M. Serrano.


Speaking of the mayor’s race, while all of the candidates may not have showed up at the West Bronx Green Political Education Forum held in Riverdale, the Democratic candidates will have another chance when the Ben Franklin Democratic Club will host a Democratic Mayoral Forum on Thursday May 23rd at the Riverdale Temple. Mayoral candidate John Liu said that it was a sad day for his two former campaign workers who were found guilty of “Straw Donations”, but that he has done nothing wrong. Liu added that his campaign for mayor is going full steam ahead despite the minor set back.


15th City Council candidate Ms. Cynthia Tompkins is having a fundraiser tonight May 9th from 6 – 9 p.m. at the Clock Cafe located at 112 Lincoln Avenue off of Bruckner Blvd. No official word yet on the other candidates in the 15th council race, but we should find out more next week when the May 15th Campaign fillings are due. The open 86th A.D. seat that was vacated by for Assemblyman Nelson Castro will be held as part of the September primary and then the November General Election. It appears that former 86th A.D. candidate Hector Ramirez will be running for the vacant 86th A.D. seat, and so could a Soto, Richard or brother Mike who started the whole mess with Nelson Castro by challenging Castro on petition fraud. Yudelka Tapia is expected to get into that one also, and she has to be considered the front runner.


Saturday May 11th is the “Fair at the Square” at Westchester Square. The event begins at 11a.m.. May is the month for “Its My Park Days”, which are spread throughout the month of may in various Bronx Parks. You can go to my blog to see just which park has been chosen in what area to be cleaned, spruced up, or get a hard days work by the volunteers that show up.


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