Friday, August 28, 2015

Worker loses 4 fingers to lawn mower

Worker loses four fingers in lawnmower accident

By Michael Horowitz
BRONX, NEW YORK (BRONX NEWS)- A 23-year-old worker in Co-op City lost four fingers on his right hand in a recent accident involving the use of a lawnmower in the local community, an acting general manager of the Riverbay Corporation confirmed this week.

Noel Ellison said that the temporary worker, whose name was withheld, had been assigned to the Grounds Department, supervised by Donovan Plummer, before the Aug. 12 accident.

Although Ellison wouldn’t comment on the specifics of the accident, an informed management source indicated that the victim didn’t follow proper procedures for the use of the lawnmower.

Ellison said that the 23-year-old worker was treated at Jacobi Hospital following the Aug. 12 accident.

An effort was reportedly made, with limited success, to reattach the victim’s four fingers.

“We really feel terrible about what happened to the young man who had four of his fingers severed in the lawnmower accident,” Ellison said this week. “From all the reports we have received, he was a good worker who could have progressed steadily if this tragic accident hadn’t occurred.”

Ellison emphasized, “It’s always tragic when something like this happens, but it’s especially tragic when this kind of thing happens to a young person who is just starting to make his or her way in the world.”

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