Friday, August 21, 2015

Gas Explosion Caused by Workers

Gas Explosion Caused by Workers
Unsure if School will Reopen on Time

By Robert Press

BRONX, NEW YORK (BRONX NEWS)- A gas explosion rocked the Kennedy campus in Marble Hill injuring three people. The destruction leaves into question whether the school will open on time for the beginning of classes in September.

At 8 p.m. last night an explosion rocked the Kennedy campus home to 8 schools and over 4,000 high school students. 

It appears the explosion was caused by the contractors working on refurbishing the science labs in the rear of the building, where plumbers were working on the gas lines. 

Rescue units from all over the Bronx and Upper Manhattan responded, and three of the workers were taken to the hospital with injuries, two of them serious. 

The explosion rocked the Marble Hill neighborhood and blew out windows in the building.

The force of the explosion sent some parts of the window frames, glass, and building exterior to the roadway leading to the back of the building and to the front parking lot. 

Mayor Bill de Blasio arrived at the site a few hours later saying that it is not known if part or all of the building will open in September when the new school year begins, and that the building will be carefully inspected for any structural damage.

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