Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Danger for Hillary

Danger for Hillary

Dems Want Anybody but Hillary,
Trump Soars- Polls say

Lawyers salivate 
Warning bells should be sounding in the Clinton camp and among Republican leadership as Hillary falls in the polls and Trump continues to rise.
A CNN poll shows that registered Democrats want anyone but Hillary for President. 
For the first time Clinton has dropped below 50% among Democrats. And only 47% said they would choose Hillary if they had an alternative candidate like Socialist Candidate Bernie Sanders.
Sanders is rapidly closing the gap with Clinton. In July, the Vermont senator was behind Clinton by 37%. Now he is only down 19%.
Among registered voters (not just Dems) Hillary's favorability is only at 42%. Some 55% view her unfavorably.
What is even more concerning is that the poll was taken before the latest revelations around Clinton's emails. This week as Hillary defended herself to reporters saying that most of her emails were personal the FBI disputes the claim. According to published reports the FBI claims as many 300 emails Clinton sent could be considered Classified.
At the same time Donald Trump's lead continues to grow over the Republican field including GOP officials' candidate Jeb Bush
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