Friday, August 28, 2015

Pols Learn to Play Ball


By Robert Press

Pols Learn to Play Ball

Play Ball was the cry not once, but twice at this year's Bronx Democratic County Barbecue, Baseball Games, and Family Day held at the Castle Hill Little League Field. It was Assembly Speaker's team called Heastie's Hitters against Bronx Democratic County Leader Marcos Crespo's team called Crespo's Crusaders in game one. Heastie's Hitters took an early 3 – 0 lead, but Crespo's Crusaders tied it up and won in extra innings. Even though his team lost Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie was the MVP of the game, gobbling up everything that came his way, and getting on base twice. 

Game two featured Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr.'s BP Bombers against another team of players put together by County Leader Crespo called Crespo's 2nd Crusaders. In this game Assembly Speaker Heastie went to Crespo's team, but he was again on the loosing side as the game was all but over by the bottom of the first inning when BP Diaz's Bombers scored 9 runs in the top of the first inning. The game ended shortly afterward with the score of 9 – 2 for the BP Bombers. 

There was lots of food, people, and very few speeches this year (since almost all of the elected officials were too tired from the baseball games to talk) which made this one of the best Bronx Democratic County events in a while. Just about every elected official from the Bronx and even City Comptroller Scott Stringer was on hand to have some fun. You can go to my blog at to see the many photos of the games, the celebration by Crespo's Crusaders after game one, and the elected officials. Some notes from the games- Congressman Jose Serrano was the catcher for Heastie's Hitters, and after the game he said he now has more respect for those who catch baseball games, and that he was going home to rest up and be ready for the next session of Congress. 

Former 80th A.D. Assemblywoman Naomi Rivera was on hand to talk to the new Executive Director of the county organization Anthony Perez. It seems that Ms. Rivera is now back in the Bronx, and is now residing in the 78th A.D. according to her daddy Assemblyman Jose Rivera. Could it be that this year Jose will decide not to run so his daughter Naomi could try to return to the state assembly in his position? It seemed that another possible female contender for Assemblyman Rivera's seat was at the even looking as lovely as ever with her long blonde hair, and also at the event was Assemblyman Rivera's challenger in 2012. It could be a fun race in the 78th Assembly District next year, and I am not going to say that Assemblyman Rivera is going to retire so his daughter Naomi can run for his seat. We will have to wait and see if Jose has had enough of what is going on in Albany now. 

Speaking of running, the rumor is that current Vice-President Joe Biden will announce that he is running for President next year. One has to wonder if the current front runner Hillary Clinton is in trouble as her poll numbers could be much better, or is it the fact that you can say one thing to reporters' questions, but you can not lie to the federal authorities that may soon be taking up the question of her e-mails and what went on. I don't expect to hear those famous words that ex-President Richard Nixon uttered as he was being investigated, but you can only go so far Ms. Ex-First Lady. 

As it goes on Donald Trump is looking more like a giant snowball rolling down a freshly snowed mountain as his momentum gets larger every day the campaign goes on. People across the country are liking what Trump has to say, because he can say the truth that others are afraid to say. If this continues Trump will, I repeat will be the next president of the United States. 

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