Thursday, August 27, 2015

Ban Kids from Getting Soda- Pol says

Soda Jerk
Dim Bulb Pol Wants to Stop Selling Soda to Kids

 By Dan Gesslein 

BRONX, NEW YORK (BRONX NEWS)- In a city where you can buy a hookah at the local bodega to smoke marihuana, one politician wants to ban minors from buying soda.

In the Bronx the smell of pot is everywhere. The smell wafts from the front of apartment buildings and from cars driving by. At least one bodega in every neighborhood proudly displays hookahs in their front windows. Merchants sell with a nod and a wink as it is common knowledge that pot smokers are using them as legal bongs.
Yet despite this Staten Island Assemblyman Matthew Titone believes sugar is the real drug problem in New York. He wants to ban children from being able to buy soda 16 ounces or larger.

“If the adult buys it for the minor, that’s fine. That’s a parent or a guardian making an informed decision,” Titone said.

The career politician equates sugar as being as addictive and as harmful as cocaine and heroine.

Titone said sugar does the same thing to the brain as addictive drugs, including cocaine and heroin.

“People need to be aware of that,” Titone said. “Sugar in large quantities is a dangerous product. Like a gun, it will kill you. It’s just going to take a little longer.”
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