Wednesday, August 15, 2012

So Who's on The Primary Ballot?


By Robert Press

BRONX, NEW YORK, August 13- First, on Saturday August 25th from 1 – 6 p.m. The Committee of 100 Democrats will be hosting our 8th Annual Free Community Barbecue. This year our Free Community Barbecue will take place on East 204th Street between the Grand Concourse and Mosholu Parkway. We will be honoring Congressman Eliot Engel for his distinguished record as an elected official, Community Board #7 District Manager Fernando Tirado for his outstanding work in the local community, and our special Guest of Honor will be New York City Comptroller John Liu who is doing an extraordinary job as a watchdog of the city's financial affairs. There will be food, lots of different entertainment, and of course lots of speeches by your elected officials.

We told you last week that the “COURT PHASE” of the election process was going on where as even though the Board of Elections ruled those RENEGADE candidates on the ballot, it was time for KING STANLEY (Bronx Democratic County Lawyer Stanley Schlein) to go into high gear. From the words he uttered at the Board of Elections “Similar Handwriting, Forgery, and Fraud” that the board does not rule on KING STANLEY was going to court to knock off those RENEGADE candidates that dare challenge Loyal Bronx Democratic County backed candidates. Well here is what happened.

In the 79th A.D. candidate Isreal Martinez was thrown off the ballot by KING STANLEY so incumbent Eric Stevenson will not have a Democratic primary opponent, but there will still be a primary for the two District Leaders and Male State Committeeman in the 79th A.D.. King Stanley also was successful in getting various RENEGADE candidates that were running for minor party positions knocked off the ballot. However only the 81st, 83rd, and 85th A.D.'s are free of any primary in September.

77th A.D. incumbent Vanessa Gibson will face Edwin Figueroa and Anthony Curry. 78th A.D. incumbent Jose Rivera will face his current 78th A.D. State Committeeman Richardo Martinez. 80th A.D. incumbent Naomi Rivera will face Mark Gjonaj, Irene Estrada Rukaj, and Adam Bermudez. 82nd A.D. incumbent Michael Benedetto faces Egidlo Sementilli. 84th A.D. incumbent Carmen Arroyo faces Charles Serrano and Maximino Rivera. 86th A.D. incumbent Nelson Castro faces Richard Soto. With no incumbent in the 87th A.D. Luis Sepulveda faces Daniel Figueroa. The one Bronx State Senate race has 33rd S.D. Incumbent J. Gustavo Rivera facing Manuel Tavares, and in the Civil Court 2nd Division Bronx Eddie McShan faces Juana P. Valentin. A party position race that will be closely watched will be in the 77th A.D. to see if party insider Benny Catala can win back his District Leader position that incumbent Mark Escoffey Bey won in a surprise victory in 2010. Check my blog at for the link to the Board of Elections site with the most recent update of all the candidates that are on the September Primary ballot for all five boroughs and all parties for any September primary.

On the Monday August 5th show of Bronxtalk hosted by Gary Axelbank his guest was Bronx Democratic County Leader Assemblyman Carl Heastie. County Leader Heastie was asked some very tough questions about what was going on under his leadership as county leader such as the recent challenges to all opponents of the Bronx elected officials this year. There were also a few callers that did not hold back on their comments and questions to Chairman Heastie. We will say that the questions were all answered, Chairman Heastie was very professional in his answers, and he did not get up and leave as a few elected officials have done in the past. By the way the previous Bronx Democratic County Leader Jose Rivera refused to appear on Bronxtalk, and we are told that debates are being set up for the viewers. We wonder if Assemblyman Rivera will show up for his debate, and when we asked his daughter Assemblywoman Naomi Rivera if she would debate we heard what is the next question. Check my blog for the link to see the Bronxtalk Carl Heastie interview.

Lastly, Check my blog to read about and see photos of National Night Out festivities from the 49th, 50th, and 52nd Precinct Council events. Also check the archive section to read about and see photos of the murals that local children in the Morris Park area painted on the wall of the Amtrack underpass on Bronxdale Avenue. This event was brought together by State Senator Jeff Klein, Community Activist (and candidate for the 80th Assembly) Mark Gjonaj, the Chairman and District Manager of Community Board #11, the Morris Park Community Association, and others.

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