Monday, August 20, 2012

Free Community Barbecue

By Robert Press

BRONX, NEW YORK, August 20- On this Saturday August 25th from 1 – 6 p.m. The Committee of 100 Democrats will be hosting our 8th Annual Free Community Barbecue. This year our Free Community Barbecue will take place on East 204th Street between the Grand Concourse and Mosholu Parkway. We will be honoring Congressman Eliot Engel for his distinguished record as an elected official, and Community Board #7 District Manager Fernando Tirado for his outstanding work in the local community. There will be food, lots of different entertainment, and of course speeches by your elected officials or those who may want their jobs.

I thought I could be able to get away from politics for an evening of of exciting Salsa music from an old friend Mr. Willie Colon, but while the concert was a smash hit as usual I could not get away from politics. I was sitting with my good friend and 78th A.D. State Committeeman Richardo “Ricky” Martinez but we were sitting a few rows behind Mr. Martinez's September Primary opponent Assemblyman Jose Rivera. Ricky and I were a part of the Willie Colon for Congress campaign while Rivera was with Willie Colon’s opponent.

Enough politics, as the concert was fantastic, and Willie Colon interjected old stories (even one about the Congressional campaign), and a few jokes during the evening. The highlight of the night however for Mr. Martinez and I was that after the show we were able to go backstage to see our old friend Willie Colon. There were also a couple of other friends from the campaign backstage, and you can go to my blog at to see my complete review of the sold out Willie Colon concert at the Lehman College Center for the Performing Arts last Saturday August 18th.

Back to politics, you can go to my blog archive section (under links) for the link to the Board of Elections site where there is a daily update of just who the candidates are for what office or party position in the upcoming September Primary which will tale place on Thursday September 13th this year. We check the site daily as the one or two of the names can change as there are still a few court cases that may have been appealed. In the 77th A.D. there is now only one challenger to incumbent Vanessa Gibson, and in the 80th A.D. Mr. Adam Bermudez was not listed for one day.

Speaking of the 80th A.D. another old friend Ms. Candice Giove now a Crackerjack reporter with the New York Post had a front page story “Sugar Mama” about another Boy Toy of 80th Assemblywoman Naomi Rivera and a non for profit organization that I have a separate article on elsewhere in this paper.

Lastly, as of our deadline WPIX T.V. Channel 11 and Antenna T.V. Channel 114 were still off the air from the Cablevision line up of channels Cablevision is substituting another channel it carries on Channel 11, and has a message (on the other channel) asking viewers to call the Tribune Corporation to get the channels back. We only wonder since it seems Cablevision is seeking more money from the Tribune Corporation will their viewers get a refund (even if it is only pennies) for the time the channels are not being carried. By the way, how come we can not choose from any cable provider (not just satellite or Fios) like we can for telephone or internet service?

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