Monday, August 20, 2012

Screwing Wakefield?

Wakefield Area News
By Mary Lauro
BRONX, NEW YORK, August 20- Praxis Initiatives is the group that will be building a 60-unit supportive Housing colossus on White Plains Road opposite Food Town. In their latest letters to our elected officials where they show off a sketch of what the structure will look like, they fail to mention that it will mainly house couples one or both with HIV/AIDS. The structure is enormous and totally out of keeping with local architecture. It reminds one of construction in communist Russia circa 1960. Building will begin soon.
Not satisfied with invading our community like alien spores from outer space, they also plan to do whatever possible to really screw Wakefield. They are asking Councilman Oliver Koppell and Borough President Diaz for $500,000 each (that is our money) to run a program which Praxis claims will not only help their clients, but all of Wakefield. We are asking Councilman Koppell to not comply with their requests. The following letter we are sending him will explain our point of view.
“We understand that Praxis Initiative is requesting of you a discretionary capital grant of $500,000 for a horticultural program it claims will benefit the Wakefield community as well as its clients. Apparently, Praxis does not know that Wakefield and CB12 is a middle class community. It is not the old south Bronx. This is a community of homeowners, not renters. Having gardens in front and back of their homes, they do not need lessons in horticulture. Many of them can give lessons in horticulture. Besides, we have Bissell Gardens for the very few who are interested.
“Praxis' claims that it wishes to help the community are specious. Wakefield and CB12 are top heavy in seniors, but when Praxis was asked to provide one quarter of their units for senior housing, it refused. Parking on White Plains Road is often difficult, yet when asked to provide a level of parking for the business district, it refused.
“Instead, it wants to provide lessons in horticulture, sell plant and gardening supplies, sell produce from a storefront and run a farmer's market when in season. How silly and destructive can Praxis be?
“Less than half a block away from its building, there is a plant and supply store. Does it plan to take business away from it or plan to shut it down? Across the street from the Praxis gulag-building is Food Town and four blocks away there is Key Foods. Both sell produce as do the two greengrocers less than a stone's throw from where Praxis wants to set up shop. A farmer's market opposite Food Town? Is it trying to shut down Food Town? Furthermore, Bissell Gardens has a Farmer's Market when in season.
“Wakefield is awash in greenery. One wonders whether any member of the Praxis staff has walked through Wakefield. Praxis wants to provide what Wakefield does not need by calling it therapeutic. There is not a scintilla of scientific evidence to back up that outrageous claim.
“We understand the goodness of your heart. You seemed to favor Praxis since it invaded us. It is with utmost respect that I point out a mitzvah should be done with one's own resources, not other people's. This is our tax money. Neither the Torah nor the Bible asks us to rob Peter to pay Paul.
“We realize Wakefield is a small part of your constituency, nonetheless if you have $500,000 in discretionary funds to distribute for the benefit of the community we have many suggestions which would do just that. The following are only two. Placing security cameras along White Plains Road would do much to inhibit the drug and criminal trade or using it to supply some of the needs at PS16 would go far to benefit the children's future.
“Finally, we note that Praxis claims to be working with the Wakefield community. That is a lie. We are the Wakefield community. From the outset, Praxis has worked against the Wakefield community.”

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