Thursday, October 3, 2013

Fall Festival

Photos by Gary Quintal

The Jerome-Gun Hill BID celebrated the 12th anniversary of the area's biggest annual event, the Jerome-Gun Hill BID ANNUAL FALL FESTIVAL!

The day consisted of an all day concert series produced by Al Pizarro, hosted by Sara Kana of rap battle fame, the Original DJ Krazy Rob, and DJ Jazzy Jay, featuring popular artists such as Candela, the voice of Latin America, El Compi, Kilzone, Phony PPL, Raymond Perez, Elijah Radio, Rubio, Soul, Tailon, Tone da Rapper, Tamara Bubble and many more-with an All Star Latin Jazz/Salsa tribute to Ibrahim Gonzalez directed by Bobby Sanabria, Gilberto "Pulpo" Colon - Piano, Donald Nicks - Base, Jay Rodriguez - Tenor & Saxophone & Flute, Fania Allstar Lewis Khan - Trombone, Julio Salgado - Vocals & Percussion, Angel Rodriguez - Congas, Bobby Sanabria - Musical Director & Drums-- anda special award presentation to American Hip Hop DJ pioneer, Grand Wizzard Theodore!  

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