Monday, October 21, 2013

Bronx Author Represents at Comic Con 2013

By Robert Press

BRONX, NEW YORK, OCTOBER 14- Comic Con 2013 took place from Thursday October 19th through Sunday October 13th at the Javitts Center. This is the second largest Comic themed show only to Comic Con San Diego, where Hollywood is involved. On my blog at are reports of the three days that I visited Comic Con 2013. Each day I tried to do a different theme. Friday I spent all day on the exhibit floor. Saturday I was in Artist Alley to be with the people as some paid big bucks to get an autograph or photo with one of their favorite stars. Sunday I was part of the WWE Halloween panel which got to interview two wrestling stars and others that help make the many different films from WWE Entertainment.

Over 3,000 booths were set up, which had almost everything that anyone would want. Some booths handed out free items, while others were at Comic Con to sell you the items you wanted. The big toy, comic, and other companies had larger booths where they showed off their latest games, books, toys, comic books creators who were signing their work (for free or a fee), cars (Chevy), or other collectible items. It took all day to visit all the booths that were set up, and speak to many of those at the booths. I was looking for a Bronx connection, and found two.

My first Bronx connection was Bronx Author Da'Ghen who had some of his work on display (his photo is on the first day of Comic Con on my blog). Da'Ghen said that he is associated with Magnum Comics of North Riverdale, and you can find him there every Wednesday. My second Bronx connection was Ms. Lisa Amowitz of Riverdale the author of "Breaking Glass" a Spencer Hill Press book who was at the company booth with a few of the other authors. A photo of the ladies is right next to Da'Ghen on my blog. Other photos on my blog from Friday were an overview of part of Comic Con 2013, some authors signing, a couple or former wrestlers signing or taking pictures (for a fee), people being made up, several people who came dressed as their favorite characters, and in the middle on the bottom a Thoroughly Modern Millie.
(Photos by Robert Press)

Saturday was the day I wanted to get photos of the big stars as they were signing in artist alley. My first problem was that there were signs posted by William Shatner, Gillian Anderson, and a few other stars that said “NO PHOTOS”. On my blog listing for Comic Con Saturday you can find a listing of some of the stars who were in Artist Alley, but there were also many who came at the last minute and were not listed. Look at the next photo for the prices that Hulk Hogan was charging for an autograph or photo with him, and the line was a block long. However as you will see in the next two photos the Hulkster came out from his booth to chat with a young lady in a wheel chair, autograph a photo for her, and pose with her for a photo.

At the other end of this floor were other former wrestlers, The Batmobile, the Deloreon from Back to the Future, and the Ghostbusters car complete with a giant “Stay Puff Marshmallow Man” and Mr. Ernie Hudson to have your picture taken with (for a fee). I found a band of real looking Ghostbusters nearby, met the Geico Gecko, some of the babes dressed in their favorite costumes, a real Playboy Bunny, and even a man who was dressed as Wonder Woman (the worst costume I saw that day). He was back on Sunday in a mermaid costume that is in Sunday's blog listing.

Sunday I was part of the WWE STUDIOS' HALLOWEEN HORROR INTERVIEW SESSION where the panel was able to sit down with wrestling stars Kane and Hornswaggle and others from the WWE Studios. WWE Studios is a part of the very successful Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment company, and along with the wrestling stars the president of WWE Studios Mr. Michael Luisi, the Soska Sisters (Co-Directors of SEE NO EVIL 2), and Mr. Zach Lipovsky (Director of LEPRECHAUN: ORIGINS) the latest movie from WWE Studios that features Hornswaggle as the main character.

Five tables were set up for the interviews, and the stars of WWE rotated amongst the tables to talk to us and answer our questions. The Soska Sisters who are identical twins talked about how it was to direct Kane in his movie See No Evil II, and of their dream of challenging the WWE Bella Twins in the ring. WWE Studios President Michael Luisi told us that unlike the PG14 rated television shows the movies are rated R due to all the gore and violence. He said that there will be an upcoming animated movie for Wrestlemania called Scooby Doo and the Gang go to Wrestlemaina with many of the voices being that of WWE wrestlers including that of current WWE Woman's Champion A.J. The producer of the latest WWE film Leprechaun Origins Mr. Zach Lipovsky told us that this movie takes place in the modern day and is pure horror that will have people jumping out of their seats. The star of the movie is WWE wrestler Hoenswaggle who told us that he already wants to do the sequel. Hornswaggle has been wrestling for 7 years now, and has not had a major injury unlike some other wrestlers, and when asked who his favorite female wrestler was he answered all of them. Kane told us when asked how he has survived so long in wrestling (his debut was in 1992) and the WWE. He said one has to be dependable, work hard, and give it your all 100 percent of the time. As for the one match that he received his worst injury he said it was the steel cage match with Triple H where X-PAC slammed the cage door on his head, and that he still has a scar from it. Yes Kane is a big man at 7 foot tall, but he also has a heart as he told us of his feelings after his former manager Paul Bearer passed away. He shook our hands as he left and the interview session was over.
I went back on to the exhibit floor to get a few more final photos of Comic Con 2013, and on the way out I met a man dressed as Santa Claus who said Christmas is right around the corner to me.

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