Friday, January 18, 2013



‘Goofing Off’ Workers Running Community into the Ground- Critic Says

By Michael Horowitz

BRONX, NEW YORK, January 18- Civic activist Frank Belcher said that he is in the process of documenting his long-time claim that many of Co-op City's workers are constantly “goofing off” during hours in which they are supposed to be working.
The civic activist warned that he intends to share a dossier on workers “goofing off” on the job as soon as he has a chance to complete it.
Belcher noted, “It is really easy, in today's era of technology, to take pictures of what goes on in Co-op City. That's what I've started to do. It's easy for me to use my cellphones to take pictures of the workers who aren't giving Co-op City an honest day's work for an honest day's pay.”
Belcher added, “There's a Security car that parks right near my apartment for about an hour at a time at least three days a week. There's a Maintenance supervisor who hangs out at the pizza place at Dreiser every day he's working, and he hangs out a little longer at the pizza place on Sundays.”
The civic activist stressed, “I'm a Co-op City shareholder, so I have a right to be concerned about the Riverbay workers who are wasting our money by goofing off. Daryl Johnson says we can easily cut Co-op City's expenses by at least 10 percent, and I'll go one step further than he does. As far as I'm concerned, we cut down on Co-op City's workforce by 10 percent without affecting services in this community, especially if we stop workers from wasting our money.”
Belcher noted, “As far as I'm concerned, Co-op City, for years, has been run like a New York City housing project. Waste is rampant, and the people in management know that it is. This is not about being anti-union. It's about expecting all workers, whether they are union workers or non-union workers, to do an honest day 's work for an honest day's pay.”
The civic activist noted, “Long ago, I came to the conclusion that no one in management seems to care about the money that is being wasted around here. I have experience supervising people in the workplace, and I would never tolerate what goes on in Co- op City. The Riverbay Corporation has inspectors who are supposed to be troubleshooting issues like corporate waste and lack of worker productivity, but nothing seems to get done unless you holler and complain to get someone's attention.”
Belcher emphasized, “Herbert Freedman has been Co-op City's top corporate official since 1999. As a result, he's responsible for the unproductive corporate culture he has identified in his scathing memo to Riverbay board members on the Restorations Department. The long and the short of it is that everyone in the Riverbay Corporation, from Herbert Freedman and Vernon Cooper on down, must be held accountable for worker productivity. This means not wasting time during hours in which you are supposed to be working.”
The civic activist stressed, “I encourage other shareholders to join a community campaign that targets the waste of Co-op City's corporate assets. I encourage shareholders, throughout this community, to take photos of workers they see goofing off during hours in which they are supposed to be working.”

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