Monday, January 28, 2013

Cop Bust Recovers Phony Bills, Bullets and Firepower


By Dan Gesslein

BRONX, NEW YORK, January 28- Cops in the Bronx were busy getting some heavy duty firepower off the streets. Police recovered shotguns, assault rifles, bayonets and even shut down a counterfeiting ring.

On January 25, officers in Claremont received a tip that weapons were being stored inside the bedroom closet of an apartment inside a public housing development. The responding officers received consent from the suspect’s mother and they conducted a search. Inside the closet, cops found a duffel bag containing a .38 Caliber revolver, a shotgun, and ammunition for both weapons. Inside the room cops found almost $1,500 in counterfeit cash, a printer, laptop and paper to print the fake bills on. 

Police then arrested the resident of the room, 18-year-old Leopold Hines. Cops also took into custody 18-year-old Joseph Arzu and 19-year-old Harvey Nelson. All three were charged with criminal possession of a forged instrument.

Cops in Crotona made their own discovery of a weapons’ cache when they acted on a tip. On January 26, cops from the 42nd Precinct acted on a tip of an assault weapon being housed at Saint Paul’s Place. Once there, cops found not one but three assault rifles. After the resident of the apartment consented to a search cops found the stash of weapons in the bedroom closet. Cops recovered a .45 caliber Colt semi-automatic handgun, Colt AK-47 with a bayonet attached, SKS with a bayonet attached, Colt AR-15 as well as a box containing over 500 rounds of ammunition. 

Cops arrested 49-year-old Enrique Santiago charged him with four counts of criminal possession for possessing loaded firearms and three or more firearms and for the assault weapons.

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