Thursday, July 19, 2012

Slow Repaving in Riverdale

Riverdale Report
By Robert Press
BRONX, NEW YORK, July 16- A newly created Department of Transportation initiative called a “Slow Zone” has been approved for the school corridor by Riverdale's PS 24 and MS/HS 141 (aka Riverdale Kingsbridge Academy). The slow zone will start on Independence Avenue at West 232nd Street, run along Seton Park past the two schools, the public library branch, and down past the Riverdale Temple (where a per-school program is in effect) to West 246th Street. The slow zone also covers streets that run parallel to Independence Ave. such as the Southbound Henry Hudson Parkway Service Road from West 246th to West 232nd Streets. There are also a few other small streets to the west of Independence Ave. that also may be part of the slow zone.
First there will be a speed limit of 20 miles per hour in the slow zone as the current speed limit is 30 M.P.H. Giant concrete markings will be at the start and end of the Slow Zone, and speed bumps or other speed calming devices can be placed on the roads to slow cars down. Independence Avenue however is an emergency route which in the past has meant that speed bumps could not be placed in the street. This slow zone was pushed by Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz (a constant critic of the DOT), other local elected officials, the local police precinct, Community Board # 8, and the schools parents associations.
There had not been a problem on Independence Avenue, until this past school year when for the first time both PS 24 and MS/HS 141 had school children arriving and departing at the same time. That combined with the fact that more parents drove their children to the two schools at rush hour, when they themselves are in a rush led to the problem that only really lasted for no more that 15 minutes in the morning and even less time in the afternoon. I tell you that as a resident of Independence Ave. one block from the schools, and the fact that the road was full of potholes and patches.
While we are on the subject of Independence Ave, the DOT milled down the road from West 232nd to West 239th Streets last week, and is expected to repave the road in another week or two. Other streets in the Community Board #8 area also have been milled down for repaving including many blocks in the Amalgamated Houses area. So please be patient when you see those signs “No Parking” street repair.
Saturday night July 21st is the “Movie in the Park “ presentation of “Back to the Future” in Seton Park starting at 8 p.m. Seton Park is located on Independence Avenue at West 232nd Street, and maybe the street will be repaved before movie night. We will try to report to you on how the event went next week.
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