Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Saying Goodbye to a Special Lady

(Photo by Seitu Oronde)


Long-time Co-op City resident Hilda R. Clinkscales passed away last

week. Born December 26, 1924 in Trenton, New Jersey Hilda united with

God, her spouse, parents, and her siblings on Thursday June 28th, 2012

at 7:25 a.m.

Hilda joins her husband William Clinkscales who she married in 1943.

Hilda’s parents Louis Walter Robeson and Maude Redding will be in

heaven to greet their loving daughter. Hilda will also join her three

brothers: Lewis Walter Robeson, William Robeson and Lewis Benjamin

Robeson, and her sisters: Mary Elizabeth Robeson, Marion Robeson,

Rosie Robeson, Margaret Watson, and May Robeson. Hilda leaves behind:

one sister, Maude Westfield, and a host of cousins, among them she

leaves cousins: Claude E. White, Freddiejean Clinkscales, Sarah

Clinkscales and Linda McCoy; and two loving sons-in-law; Norman McLeod

and Robert Jones. Children: Sharon McLeod, Seitu Oronde’ and Mary

Jones. Grand children: Jamaal McLeod, Akilah Jones, Ayana Jones and

Jamaal’s wife Charise McLeod. Hilda was blessed to have known her

great grandchildren: Kristen, Zoё and Isaiah McLeod.

Hilda Clinkscales retired from Revlon Cosmetic Company. Hilda was an

elegant lady of dignity, class, and carried herself as such. Our

mother was kind hearted, loved to laugh, and extremely giving. She was

a wonderful and beautiful lady who loved to make people happy.

Hilda was known to her children as mom and mom-zee. Our mom-zee was

full of knowledge, information, and could give advice about every and

anything. She was a pleasant lady who never complained. Hilda loved to

cook. All were welcomed at her table. She was known for her chicken

and dumplings, ham seasoned with cloves, collard greens, mac and

cheese, lemon pie, and coconut three layer cakes with pineapples,

carrot cake, homemade biscuits and above all else, her famous peach


Hilda enjoyed and lived her life through her children. Our mother was

an inspirational lady full of wisdom. Our mom-zee was a devout

Christian lady who honored God by giving her children psalm23 to carry

with them and always told them to look to God. Mom would say, “Give it

to God and say bless you, bless you, anytime there is an obstacle in

your way.”

Mom taught us to always stand strong and never let anyone put

limitations on your achievements. Hilda provided all three of her

children with a college education. Mom would always say, “You want to

be able to stand on your own two feet and not have to depend on

anyone, that’s why you need your education.”

Our mom enjoyed traveling and spending time with her friends and

children. She also enjoyed giving to charities.

Our mom is a queen and formed special bonds with her son in laws. They

love her dearly. Mom has always stressed the importance of family and

made them welcome in our family. Mom took great pride in her children.

Mom was a happy and kind lady and always had words of encouragement

for her children. Hilda passed her courage, wisdom and strength onto

her children who she loved unconditionally. Our mother has always been

a story teller and we know she is telling stories in heaven.

Hilda Clinkscales, a great mom and friend, will never be forgotten and

will be in our hearts and prayers forever. We trust in god that she is

at peace.

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