Friday, September 18, 2015

Hope for Pope's Visit

Pope’s visit to New York
Viewed as uplifting occasion 

By Michael Horowitz
BRONX, NEW YORK (BRONX NEWS)- Most Bronx residents seem to be looking forward to Pope Francis II’s visit to New York City next week, viewing it as an uplifting occasion in a world that is in desperate need of the spirituality that he exudes.

Sylvia Greenebaum explained, “The Pope is a wonderful man who is reaching people all over the world. He’s a wonderful man who takes an interest in the average person.”

Ted Jefferson added, “The Pope’s visit is a blessing that we need very badly. I’m a Christian, and the Pope is a great man of God, and it is inspiring that he is coming to New York. There is so much killing in our world, and there is an evil spirit that seems to be involved in everything. We all need to see someone like the Pope because we have every reason to appreciate who he is.”

Juliette Owusu, with her young children, Elijah and Elizabeth in tow, stressed, “The Pope’s visit is a great opportunity for everyone who believes in Christ. He is an icon who is having a big and positive influence on the world. He commands our respect.”

Carmen Kalmanowicz, who was raised as a Roman Catholic, emphasized, “I like the fact that the current Pope is expressing a more modern brand of religion than other popes have. A lot of people love him, and so do I. I would love to talk to him during his visit to New York City. I like the fact that he, like I, is not focused on Catholicism alone. He’s a man of the church who is reaching out to Catholics, as well as people who have religious beliefs that are different from his.” 

Susan Wilson added, “I think that it’s good that the Pope is coming to New York. It’s important that he come to see the city, and I’d love to see him if I could."

Sylvia Samuel, echoing the sentiments of other Co-op City shareholders, emphasized, “We need to see the Pope. He’s a spiritual person, and I feel his spirit in very positive ways. I feel his positive energy whenever I see him on TV.”

Expressing a minority view among Co-op City shareholders, Kimberly Brown said that the Pope’s visit to New York City means nothing to her. 

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