Friday, September 18, 2015



BRONX, NEW YORK (BRONX NEWS)-  -- Bronx District Attorney Robert Johnson announces that, today, he informed his staff he has now requested that Bronx County Democratic Chairman Marcos Crespo support his nomination for a  position as a Justice of the New York State Supreme Court.

Johnson said, "This spring, I did what I have done every four years, which was to submit my name for re-election to continue in the role of District Attorney for another term.  And once again, the Bronx Democratic Party, as well as the Republican and Conservative Parties, bestowed upon me their nomination to serve as District Attorney for another term.

“I have gained tremendous satisfaction from working with this Office and all its staff to provide justice and fairness for the people of The Bronx.  However, after 42 years of public service, including the U.S. Navy, The Legal Aid Society, as a Bronx Assistant District Attorney, as a Criminal Court Judge, and as the D.A. for the past 27 years, after much inner reflection, I have concluded that I would like to serve in another capacity. It is time for change in my life. The judicial position will allow me to make  a career move that provides the change that I seek without giving up public service.

“Contrary to what has been reported, no one, including anyone associated with the Bronx Democratic Party, has ever offered me another position, nor has anyone asked me to step down or retire as the District Attorney. I have, over the years, enjoyed their full faith and support both personally and through many electoral processes.

“I understand that this position cannot be offered to me prior to the Judicial Convention on Thursday, September 24th. I would not make that presumption. In fact, having gone to the Convention in 1987 as the candidate of the then County Chairman and coming out without the nomination, I understand the process better than most. I realize that the decision rests solely with the Judicial Delegates.

“Should I not be granted the nomination, I will stand for reelection in November to the position of District Attorney in order to continue to serve the people of the Bronx, a job that I love.  It is a position that allows me to secure justice for Bronx residents and the people of New York.

“I will be making no further comment on this subject."

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