Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Tweet and A

Tweet & A

Japanese Sex Site Hijacks King’s Twitter Account

By Michael Horowitz


City Councilman Andy King, who can’t seem to get a break as far as his public image is concerned, has unwittingly been supporting a Japanese smut sight.


A Twitter account, owned by Councilman King, has been taken over by a site specializing in the sleazy side of Tokyo, the New York Post reported on Monday.


The Post reported that Councilman King, who was recently charged in a sex-harassment suit, had been oblivious to what was going on until the newspaper pointed out the problem.


Stephanie Cleaton, the principal spokeswoman for Councilman King in the Bronx, failed to respond, this week to an e-mail from Bronx News relating to the lawmaker’s unwitting link to the seedier side of Tokyo.


However, Cleaton reportedly told the Post, “This was the first time we are seeing this. Of course, he (Councilman King) is not promoting this site at all.”


Councilman, at this point, has no control over his former site, At this point, with sexually inviting content that is seemingly in Japanese, is being used to promote the hornier side of society in Tokyo.


Cleaton told the Post that someone, other than Councilman, picked up the domain for the seedy Twitter account after King’s link to it expired.


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