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Kicking Over a Political Hornets Nest

Kicking Over a Political Hornets Nest
100 Percent 
By Robert Press
BRONX, NEW YORK, MAY 22- It looks like my past two columns on the subject of the 36th State Senate district race in 2016 has stirred up a 'Hornet's Nest'. 
Recently elected New York State Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie had a few words for me about what I wrote, and I wrote last week that he should look in a mirror and repeat those words to himself. That seems to be the problem that has gotten many elected officials in trouble in the first place, and it can be summed up in one word, GREED. Last week I also wrote that I know more than the former Bronx Democratic County Leader thinks I know, and that I have been on his side since he took over as the county leader, but Carl you know that I have to do what I have to do.
In speaking with several voters of the 36th State Senate District (and some from the 83rd Assembly District) almost all told me they are not happy with the 'Politics as Usual' that seems to be going on. Most did not know who Heastie’s candidate was, and said they want no part of him. There was mention of the foreclosed homes, poor schools, high crime, and how the city is just invading the community with criminals who are scaring the community as they commit crimes and drain the precious resources of the area. They also wanted to know where the elected officials were.
In looking closely at the 36th State Senate District there has been a somewhat major change to the district during the last redistricting. No the Wakefield and Co-op City areas have not changed, but the district has picked up more of the 80th and 81st Assembly districts. This got me thinking, and Assemblyman Jose Rivera here is my little surprise for you that I promised you in last week’s column.
It appears Assemblyman Rivera that your 2012 challenger in the 78th A.D. Mr. Ricky Martinez, gave you the toughest primary in a long while. Mr. Martinez won all the poll sites in the 36th State Senate district portion of the 78th A.D. In checking the 2000 primary election for the 80th Assembly District, Mr. Martinez gave then 80thAssemblyman Jeff Klein a big scare when he garnered 25 percent of the vote. Assemblyman Klein had Mr. Martinez redistricted to the 78th A.D. in the 2002 redistricting. As for the 81stA.D. The Norwood section of the district was given to the 36th State Senate District in the recent redistricting, and that is where Mr. Martinez grew up, and pulled his strength when he ran for School Board 10. My advice to Mr. Ricky Martinez would be not to run this year against Assemblyman Jose Rivera, but instead look at the 36th State Senate district where your strength is. You can come into the 36th State Senate race with over 1,500 votes that you have already shown you can get. I can not see anyone coming into the race with nearly 1,000 votes, and that includes Mr. Jerome Bailey, even with the help of Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie. There is a high negative vote against incumbents, and with the current climate in Albany the help of Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie could wind up a liability to candidate Bailey. Take it from me Mr. Bailey you would really look bad as well as would Speaker Heastie when you come in third place. 
To prove my point just look at the 2013 race for the 15th City Council seat of former City Council Majority Leader Joel Rivera. Albert Alvarez who was not just a staffer, but the Chief of Staff to City Council Majority Leader Joel Rivera, and candidate Alvarez wound up coming in 4th place in that Democratic primary. Sorry Jose. More on the 36th State Senate 2016 primary in my next column. It seems that there will be some jockeying for the 13th City Council seat, as well as maybe some other seats in 2016. By the way Assemblyman Heastie why do you think 33rd State Senator Gustavo Rivera's Chief of Staff Katrina Asante is running for the Riverbay Board? The next move is that she will be Senator Rivera's candidate in the 2016 36thState Senate District, that is if she can get elected to the Riverbay board.
Lastly, Happy Birthday to Adam Clayton Powell, and he is having his party on May 27th at the Rio II Gallery located at 583 Riverside Drive @ 135th Street. Tickets start at $53.00 (I guess that must mean he will be 53 years old), and you can call 646-707-3632. At least Congressman Rangel has committed to this being his last term in office, but I look for Manhattan Democratic County Leader Assemblyman Keith Wright to be the favorite in the 15th congregational race in 2016. Also don't forget to check my blog at www.100percentbronx.blogspot.comfor photos of the Bronx Week Parade
If you have any political information that you want to share or have checked out, any comments about this column, or would like to have an event listed or covered in this column or on my blog you can e-mail us at or call 718-644-4199 Mr. Robert Press.

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