Monday, March 9, 2015

Support for Bam’s immigration plan here

Support for Bam’s immigration plan here

By Koi Germany

BRONX, NEW YORK, MARCH 9- Bronx residents appear to support President Obama’s executive order that imposes changes in the nation’s immigration policies.

Seeking to streamline the process of becoming a naturalized citizen, the President has urged those who are undocumented to step forward and pay their share.

With a plan to strengthen border security and introduce earned citizenship among other guidelines, residents were questioned on this allocation of the nation’s resources.

Some were frank about the issue, commenting on what they believe are backwards policies in the United States.

“Politicians complain about immigrants, yet they hire them,” noted Ursuline Lindsey. “They’re here, and they work; we should make a pathway for them to contribute to the tax system.” Expressing a desire for greater accommodation, she added, “We have to secure borders, but we shouldn’t be sending people back home.”

“If they want to work, they should be widely accepted and represented,” asserted G. Tanya Clarke. Positing that the influx of workers will positively affect the economy, she claimed “We can put the labor to good use.”

Erol Ford, an immigrant himself, echoed these sentiments. “Whatever we’re afraid of is already here,” he opined. “I agree with the President’s spending.”

Others were in support, albeit skeptical. “I think I need to understand more. However these are progressive statements when people are too quick to marginalize,” commented Matthew Thompkins. “I have mixed feelings. We’ll have to see.”

The policies were also met with criticism from some.

“Everybody has the right to come here, but why should they receive rights we can’t?” shareholder Sheryl Parker lamented in dissent. “We should be worried about ISIS.”

Koi Germany, a sophomore at Hunter College who lives in Co­op City, is a contributing writer for the News.

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