Monday, June 9, 2014

Skating Rink Plan on Ice

By Robert Press

Skating Rink Plan on Ice
Falling Out has Put Project on Hold

BRONX, NEW YORK, JUNE 9- An illegal crosscheck in hockey is similar to hitting someone below the belt in boxing. The both result is a penalty. A break up of the four people led by Mr. Kevin Parker, known as The Kingsbridge National Ice Center to build a $345 million ice skating palace on the current Kingsbridge Armory, site has put the KNIC plan on ice for now. That is until the New York City Economic Development Corporation completes its 'Due Diligence' review of the armory project.

It seems that there was a falling out of the four KNIC partners as to just who has the expertise and experience to build the ice skating palace. Now the two separate groups are filing law suits against each other which should delay, if not possibly doom, the ice skating palace plan. Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. has issued a statement that he believes that the matter can be solved and sooner than later. He hopes that the proposal can move forward, the chillers turned on, and everyone can go skating as planned.

On Monday night's edition of Bronxtalk there will be a debate between the candidates for the 13th congressional district. This should be a very interesting hour since Congressman Rangel who at first took this primary jokingly has now changed his tune to what could be he farewell party. Bronxtalk can be found on Cablevision channel 67 on Monday nights starting at 9 PM and on the corresponding Verizon Fios cable channel 33.

The 13th Congressional District election is Tuesday, June 24th. The two main candidates are the same two main candidates from two years ago. This year the supporting candidates are different, and while there is another Hispanic candidate to try to take votes away from candidate Adriano Espaillat, I don't see her getting more than 2 percent. I found my trusty 'Crystal Ball' and asked it who was going to be the winner in the 13th Congressional race. At first there were clouds, but when the clouds broke there was a party going on. It was a victory party for new Congressman Adriano Espaillat. When I asked my crystal ball what the results were only the number '44' came up.

Petition gathering is now going on for state elected and Democratic Party positions, and will end at midnight Thursday, July 10th according to the Board of Elections website when all petitions for the September Primary are due. While you are being asked to sign a petition for the second time, the person should be reminding you that the primary for Congress if you live in the 13th Congressional District is on Tuesday, June 24th. If all this different petition signing and different primary dates are confusing you next year will be very easy on you as here in the Bronx the only local election is for Bronx District Attorney. Bronx DA Robert Johnson by the way has run unopposed in the Democratic primary, and has been found on several other party lines in November including the Republican line in past elections.

Now that Councilman Fernando Cabrera is out collecting signatures to run against current 33rd State Senator Gustavo Rivera, many people think it was State Senate Co-Leader, Independent Democratic Conference Leader, and 34th State Senator Jeff Klein who put Councilman Cabrera up to running against Senator Rivera. It was 32nd State Senator Reverend Ruben Diaz Sr. who preached to fellow church leader Councilman Cabrera to run against Senator Rivera, the man who has been out spoken against Diaz Sr. and his conservative values. From what I heard Senator Jeff Klein, who has become more of a friend to Senator Diaz Sr., has no love lost for Senator Gustavo Rivera, as Rivera has also been outspoken against Senator Klein and the IDC.

In the 78th A.D. race now that Assemblyman Jose Rivera will be facing a primary challenger we will have to wait and see if Jose is going to use his strategy from two years ago when Senator Rivera faced a token opponent. That was Rivera – Rivera. Now that Jose has endorsed Senator Klein for re-election it will be interesting to see how he will campaign. Will it be Rivera/Rivera again, Cabrera /Rivera, or both Rivera & Cabrera/Rivera this year? One never knows with Jose Rivera, just ask Albert Alvarez. By the way Rivera has endorsed Senator Jeff Klein, and has been seen at more than one Senator Diaz functions recently. Next week the 86th A.D. race.

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