Monday, January 13, 2014

King For a Day

By Robert Press

BRONX, NEW YORK, JANUARY 13- The headline refers to last Sunday's Inaugural celebration of Councilman Andy King. The event had to be rescheduled from the Friday of the big snowstorm that closed almost everything. This time everything was a go, with the many elected officials, union leaders, and friends of Councilman King on hand. The Evander Childs High School auditorium was filled with those who wanted to help Andy celebrate this moment. Speeches by the elected officials were mixed in with different performances that ended with the swearing in of Councilman Andy King by Judge Armando Montano. Andy's family was on stage to share in his enjoyment, and Andy had two surprises after the judge was finished.

The first surprise by Councilman King was that he displayed the new flag of the 12th Council District. The second surprise was that the day was also his fathers 77th birthday, and that Andy Jr. was proud to have his father Andy Sr. and his mother Beatrice be able to share in the celebration. You can go to my blog at for more on the Andy King inauguration, and the many photos of the event.

And the new City Council Speaker is Bronx/Manhattan Councilwoman Melissa Merk-Viverito.

Then again I told you that weeks ago, but it took up to the last hour before the council vote for those who supported Councilman Dan Garodnick for speaker to realize they were not able to get the needed number of votes. Both Speaker Mark-Viverito and Councilman Garodnick attended Councilman Andy Kings Inauguration Sunday.

Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. had his Inauguration last Thursday night, and combined it with the Bronx Centennial celebration. The Bronx County building rotunda was standing room only, and Mayor Bill de Blasio was on hand to help celebrate.

It could be that the Democrats in the State Senate may pick up at least one of the two soon-to-become vacant Republican seats on Long Island. There may also be a couple more upstate Republicans who may decide to retire. That could give Democrats full control of the State Senate again, but look at what happened last time in 2010 when Democrats were in control of the state senate.

Then there is word again that Donald “The Hair” Trump wants to run for Governor of New York against Andrew Cuomo. Trump met with state Republican leaders, and wants to run if he is not challenged with a primary. “Hold On” said New York Republican Chair Ed Cox. If Donald Trump wants to run for governor on the Republican line he will have to go through the election process, Cox said.

I suspect that Trump was auditioning for the role of candidate just like he did when he said he wanted to run for president. Trump needs some more advise on what a candidate needs to do, perhaps he should sit down with what seems to be another former presidential candidate. That being possibly soon to be former New Jersey Governor Chris “I Know Nothing” Criste.

I would not be myself if I did not comment on the Alex Rodriguez saga using some words that are said during the first night of Passover. Why is it that Alex Rodriguez is any different from any other baseball player? Why is it that Alex Rodriguez is given a 162-game suspension, when all other baseball players are given 50 days for a first offense? Why is it that Alex Rodriguez will not get into baseball's Hall of Fame, like other baseball players who drank illegal substances during Prohibition? And finally if Frank Thomas can make it to Cooperstown, why can't better players like Alex Rodriguez make it in?

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