Friday, November 8, 2013

Johnson Avenue Festival Sunday

Riverdale Report
By Robert Press

BRONX, NEW YORK, NOVEMBER 8- If you liked the recent Riverdale Avenue Festival, those folks at KRVDC are at it again with the upcoming Johnson Avenue Festival that will tale place on Sunday, November 10th on Johnson Avenue Between West 235th & West 236th Streets from 12 – 4 p.m. There will be live music, face painting, original art for sale, delicious food available, games, children's activities, informational advice by professionals in several fields, and lots more on the Johnson Avenue that day.

The Johnson Avenue Festival is held so people will get to know all the stores on and around Johnson Avenue, and an have an opportunity to spend some time on the New Johnson Avenue Shopping area. There are some new stores however with the recent closing of Oregano’s there are still several vacant stores in the Johnson Avenue shopping area. It is hoped that this festival may spark an idea or two that will fill one or two of those once thriving stores that are now empty.

On Thursday, November 7th Community Board 8 will be having its Land Use Meeting at the Conservative Synagogue on West 254th Street & the Henry Hudson Parkway service road north. There are three items scheduled on the agenda, and items 1 & 3 may be of interest to different people.
Item #1 is for a proposed six-story mixed use commercial, community, and residential building with a full two level parking cellar located at 5959 Broadway at West 242nd Street & Manhattan College Parkway.

Item #3 is a presentation by Simone Management of demolition, construction, and development of an 11-story medical facility with parking. 3741 & 3735 Riverdale Avenue and 3644 Oxford Avenue are the current building addresses that are being demolished.

There is wide speculation about Item #3, which has been seen to be in drawings a recessed 11-story building from Riverdale Avenue. It is believed that an 11-story building can be built on Oxford Avenue next to a current 11-story co-op building, but the height can only be six stories on Riverdale Avenue.

This new medical building would be a partnership of Montifore Hospital which currently has a clinic on Johnson Avenue, and Westmed which manages three excellent medical facilities in Westchester County. This would be a full service facility of a hospital, but have no hospital beds. All medical testing and specialty doctors would be in the new medical facility as are in Westmeds current facilities that are in partnership with other hospitals. New jobs would be provided and this facility would be a great benefit to the community. More on what went on at this meeting in next week's column.

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