Thursday, March 28, 2013


Chopped liver, matzo balls, chicken, charoset, macaroons and all kinds of other goodies were part of the very successful Passover Seder conducted by Temple Hatikva last Sunday.  

Almost 30 persons participated in the traditional reading of the Passover Hagaddah along with a sumptuous Kosher meal.

The Seder, led by Cantor Kyle Cherry and Rabbi Harry Hertzberg, was an absolutely wonderful experience for all involved. There was singing, reading and eating, as everyone participated in this event.

Passover, the Jewish Festival of Freedom, celebrates the liberation of the Hebrew nation from slavery in Egypt. It is a holiday that has universal appeal, bringing the messages of freedom and justice to the entire world.

Temple Hatikva was pleased to have been able to celebrate this wonderful holiday with our friends, families, congregants and neighbors, and wish the entire community a healthy, happy and peaceful holiday.  

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