Monday, February 11, 2013

Officer Struck by Vehicle After Norwood Mugging


(Photo by David Greene)

By David Greene

BRONX, NEW YORK, February 11- Details were still sketchy, but detectives are on the hunt for a mugger and a driver who struck a police officer in Norwood, after the officer reportedly gave chase to the mugger.

It is believed the incident began after an unidentified victim was mugged along Hull Avenue. The officer from the 52nd Precinct was chasing the suspect, when the patrolman was struck by the vehicle, at just before 3 p.m., on February 5, outside of 333 E. Mosholu Parkway North.

A small army of NYPD police officers, detectives and members of the heavily-armed Emergency Services Unit had fanned out across the neighborhood searching for the mugger and driver.

Cops would soon learn that the mugger ran into, "Price Busters," on E. 204 Street, reportedly one of the only store's in the neighborhood without security cameras. Inside the store the Latin male removed several articles of clothing and made a phone call on a cell-phone before fleeing the scene.

Members of the NYPD's K-9 unit were deployed and attempted to use the clothing to track the suspect, but were unsuccessful.

The condition of the officer, the description of the suspect or the vehicle that injured the officer are still not known at this time.

A woman who identified herself as the manager of Price Busters had, "No comment," regarding the incident. 

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