Tuesday, November 20, 2012

City Politics

By Robert Press

No More Twinkies for Bloomberg to Kick Around Anymore

BRONX, NEW YORK, November 20- It appears that Mayor Bloomberg will have one less junk food company to kick around these days with the closing of Hostess Inc. Hostess CEO Greg Rayburn announced the closing after striking workers refused his last and final offer. It seems that we saw this happen in the Bronx not to long ago when the Bronx Stella Doro Bakery workers went on strike, and the owner of Stella Doro closed their Bronx factory. Unlike the complete closure of the Hostess company, Stella Doro products were and are baked at other plants that stayed open. While you may experience Twinkie, Ho Ho, Ding Dong, and Wonder Bread withdrawal symptoms, we expect that some if not all the product names will be sold to other companies. The next question will be, how do the new products compare to the originals?

Speaking of originals, Senator Ruben Diaz Sr. wants to remind us that in this time of Democrats in the State Senate joining Republicans (as new Brooklyn State Senator Simca Felder has announced) he (Senator Diaz) has always been a Democrat. “I am a Democrat, and I will be a Democrat, but the only difference is that I am a Conservative Democrat” said Senator Ruben Diaz Sr. in one of his What you Should Know letters. Senator Diaz ends his letter titled “To Set the Record Straight” with I am a Democrat and I will be voting with my Conference, and I will be voting for a Democrat as the Leader. You can seethe entire “What You Should Know” by Senator Diaz on my blog, by going to the archive section on the left and looking for “To Set the Record Straight”.

As we continue in the State Senate, but move to Independent Democratic State Senator Jeff Kline last Thursday he was in the Riverdale section of his district. Klein was with the North Riverdale Merchants Association and the local assemblyman to announce over 200 pounds of canned food were collected. in their drive for the local food pantry, and hurricane victims. On Sunday Senator Klein hosted his annual “Veterans Day Breakfast” which takes place before the “Annual Veterans Day Parade” in the Throggs Neck Section of his district. The Honorees (all women this year) were Ms. Holly Campbell, Ms. Wendi Carpenter, Ms. Isolina Espinosa, Ms. Hattie Harris (a WWII Vet), Ms. Rosa Kellogg, Ms. Jeanette Martin, Ms. Colleen McCarthy, Ms. Juliana Oliver, and Ms. Patrice Sweeting. You can go to my blog to see photos of the event, and the two other WWII Veterans (Mr. Joe Garofalo and Mr. Albert Mazzit) that I found who were in attendance.

While we are on the subject of the State Senate, don't expect to find out what party and just who is the new Senate Majority Leader is until perhaps sometime early next year. Our guess is if the Democrats hold on to the majority, State Senator Adriano Espiallat could be become the new Majority Leader. That is of course if the Senate Democrats, who are their own worse enemy can get and hold on to the majority.

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