Thursday, May 31, 2012

5 winners confirmed in Riverbay board vote

By Michael Horowitz
BRONX, NEW YORK, May 31- Othelia Jones, Khalil Abdul-Wahhab, Francine Reva Jones, Evelyn Turner, and Al Shapiro have been officially certified as winners in the May 16 Riverbay board election.
The victories mean that Jones, Abdul-Wahhab, Reva Jones, Turner, and Shapiro have won three-year terms as board members. They will be seated on the new Riverbay board at a meeting to be held at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, June 6, in Room 31 of the Bartow Avenue Community Center.
Jones, Abdul-Wahhab, Reva Jones, and Shapiro are incumbents who won reelection, while Turner, the president of the Harriet Tubman Independent Democratic Club, will be a newcomer on the Riverbay board.
The election results, as officially certified by the Bronx Board of Elections, reversed the order of finish of those finishing fourth and fifth, as tallied in an unofficial tally on the night of the election.
However, the change in the order of finish will have no effect on the terms of office for the winning candidates.
On May 16, Shapiro was fourth in the unofficial count, while Turner was finished fifth in that tally.
In the certified, official count on May 24 in Brooklyn, Turner finished fourth, while Shapiro finished fifth.

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