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Bronx News ( Can Fordham Be Stopped?

Bronx News ( Can Fordham Be Stopped?: By Howard Goldin BRONX, NEW YORK, NOVEMBER 6- On Saturday, the 8/9 nationally ranked Fordham Rams (9-0) gifted head coach Joe Moorhead wi...

Can Fordham Be Stopped?

By Howard Goldin
BRONX, NEW YORK, NOVEMBER 6- On Saturday, the 8/9 nationally ranked Fordham Rams (9-0) gifted head coach Joe Moorhead with a come-from-behind 32-30 victory over the Holy Cross Crusaders (3-7) for his 40th birthday. Fordham extended its undefeated season to nine games and earned the school the Ram-Crusader Cup, which is awarded to the winner of each contest between the two.
The capacity crowd at Jack Coffey Field in the Bronx was given a jolt early in the game as it appeared Fordham could lose its first game of the 2013 season. Fordham’s first scoring attempt, a 22-yard field goal by Michael Marando, was unsuccessful at 8:20 of the first quarter.
On the next drive of the contest, the Crusaders moved the ball 80 yards for the first score as quarterback Peter Pujals ran the ball for five yards and a touchdown. The extra point was missed.
Fordham took its first lead of the game on the next series of downs as Calvin Koonce, the team’s leading rusher, scored on an 11-yard carry. Fordham led, 7-6, at the end of the quarter.
The outcome looked bleak as the Crusaders scored the next 17 points. The first of those points was scored on a 13-yard touchdown pass from Pujals to Kyle Toulouse.
A 52-yard complete pass from Fordham quarterback Michael Nebrich to Tebucky Jones did not result in a touchdown as a fumble was forced and recovered by Holy Cross on its one yard line. 
After the contest, Jones remarked, “I made a mistake; that’s not acceptable. That’s not going to happen again.” 
It didn’t on Saturday as Jones completed the game with 120 yards on six receptions. Jones has 59 receptions and 789 yards this year. The Crusader possession following the fumble ended with a 46 yard field goal kicked by John Macomber.
Later in the second, a Nebrich pass was intercepted at the Holy Cross goal line, preventing another Fordham touchdown. The new possession by the Crusaders concluded with a Holy Cross touchdown instead, which brought the score to 23-7.
The final score of the first half was a 10-yard touchdown run by Nebrich.
Fordham exhibited its resilience in the second. After the contest, Morrhead said of his team, “In the second half, the team showed outstanding character.”
Nebrich scored his second touchdown of the afternoon on a seven-yard run on Fordham’s first drive of the second half for the only score by either squad in the third quarter.
Fordham next scored seven seconds into the final period as Nebrich threw a 26-yard touchdown pass to Brian Wetzel. Dan Light scored the two-point conversion to give the Rams a 29-23 advantage.
The next Fordham drive culminated in a 39-field goal by Marando.
The final Crusader touchdown shortened the Fordham lead to 32-30, but was too late to alter the outcome of the contest.
Records were set by the Rams in the victory. The team broke its single game mark for total offense with 700 yards. Nebrich broke two of John Skelton’s single game records, passing yards gained with 524 on 39 completions of 49 attempts and total offense yards with 556.
Significant contributions were also made by others. Calvin Koonce gained 146 yards on the ground and 38 on three receptions. For the second straight year, he exceeded 1,000 yards (1,025) on the ground this season.
Sam Ajala gained 189 yards on 12 receptions, the junior leads the Rams with 64 receptions and 1,140 yards gained.
Linebacker Stephen Hodge had a career-high 15 tackles, 14 unassisted and four for yards lost. Moordhead praised the junior in a post-game press conference, “He’s a playmaker. The kid knows how to play the game of football.”
The night before the game, Moorhead told his players of the Heavyweight Championship bout in 1990 between Mike Tyson and Buster Douglas in which the prohibitive favorite, Tyson, lost. Moorhead explained the purpose of the story, “I didn’t want us to be overconfident or take our opponent too lightly.” 
That possibility, the one-week bye and costly turnovers that Moorhead said, “Didn’t allow us to take advantage [of the yards we gained]” may have led to a slow start, but did not prevent Fordham from being victorious.
Fordham’s next game will be against Bucknell at 1 pm on Saturday, November 9. It will be the final home game of the regular season.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Bronx News ( DeBlasio, DeBlasio

Bronx News ( DeBlasio, DeBlasio: 100 PERCENT By Robert Press Since my deadline is before Election Day I can not give you the results until next week where I will try to expl...

DeBlasio, DeBlasio

By Robert Press

Since my deadline is before Election Day I can not give you the results until next week where I will try to explain why it happened. Our headline was sung by newly elected Public Advocate Letitia James who was on hand with local Councilman Andy King, Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr., Congressman Eliot Engel, Assemblyman Carl Heastie, and others on Monday November 4th when Bill deBlasio visited the Bay Eden Senior Center in the Edenwald section of the Bronx. This was a multi-part visit as the local elected officials warmed up the crowd of seniors before deBlasio arrived. Once Bill deBlasio arrived he was whisked to the front where the elected officials were speaking to give a last day reason why the voters at the senior center should vote for him. Deblasio said that people should not take his large lead in the polls as an excuse not to come out and vote, but urged all present to go vote on Tuesday November 5th. DeBlasio once again went through all the reasons why people should vote for him and not one of his opponents.

After deBlasio finished speaking he went around the room shaking hands with as many seniors as he could, and then went outside to hold a press conference. “The road to City Hall runs right through the Bronx” deBlasio said. He thanked Bronx Councilman Andy King for his support from the beginning when he announced that he was running for Mayor, and also said that he had supported Andy King in his special election race after the removal of former Councilman Larry Seabrook. After also thanking Bronx BP Ruben Diaz Jr., Bronx Democratic County Leader Carl Heastie, and Congressman Eliot Engel deBlasio took a few questions from the reporters gathered, and then left for another engagement.

After the press conference, I was able to catch BP Diaz and Assemblyman Heastie and ask them what they are expecting from new Mayor Bill deBlasio. Diaz said that he expects a fair shake from Mayor deBlasio on the problems of the Bronx. Diaz went into the subjects of schools, housing, senior services, and rattled off a few more areas that it seems the Bronx did not get enough services or aid. When I asked if he was worried about the Fresh Direct and Kingsbridge armory deals that were done through Mayor Bloomberg. Diaz replied that those projects are already in the pipeline.

As for just how the Mayor's race will go has to be explained in two different ways. First citywide the vote should be 65 – 70 percent for Bill deBlasio, 27 – 35 percent for Joe Lhota with up to 3 percent for all other candidates including 1 - 1.5 percent for Adolfo Carrion citywide. The Bronx vote is harder to gauge since Carrion is the former Bronx Borough President. I would have to guess 67 – 77 percent for Bill deBlasio, 10 – 15 percent for Joe Lhota, and 8 – 16 percent for the other candidates. It is most likely that Adolfo Carrion could finish second in the Bronx.

You can go to my blog at to read more and see photos of the “Shop and Frisk” demonstration that was held last Friday in front of the Macy's store in Parkchester. The demonstration was organized by Assemblyman Luis Sepulveda, with help from Senator Ruben Diaz Sr. and Assemblyman Marcos Crespo. 35 police officers were on hand to pen in the 75 protesters in the intersection opposite Macy's on Metropolitan Avenue. It was said that most Macy stores have jails (cells) to intimidate minority shoppers that Macy security have followed and accuse of shoplifting. Senator Diaz said that this is illegal and has introduced legislation to stop this “Shop and Frisk” of minority shoppers. 86 A.D. Assemblyman Elect Victor Pichardo was on hand to tell of his story as a teenager of this treatment that he went through. The chant of the crowd ended up “Shame on You Macy's”.

The Bronx Young Democrats had a hand here in the Bronx with the Bill deBlasio campaign. Several members of BYD were manning the offices that were used by the deBlasio campaign here in the Bronx. Look for some of these BYD's to be running for office soon, that is District Leader or State Committee party positions as a start next year maybe.

One famous South Park line is “They Killed Kenny”, and is it possible that the political life of Kenny Agosto is now dead. Kenny who was once considered a challenger to former Assemblywoman Naomi Rivera was thrown off the ballot in this year's 15th City council race. He then threw his support behind Albert Alvarez who finished a distant fourth in the council race. Kenny also was redistricted out of the 80th A.D. into the 78th A.D., so he will no longer be the Male District Leader of the 80th A.D. Also look for some other changes in the Liberty Democratic Association after Ritchie Torres has been elected to the City Council.

While I am on the subject of the city council could it be that councilwoman Melissa Mark-Vittero is the choice for speaker by Mayor Bill deBlasio when he gets elected. More next week.

If you have any comments about this column or would like to have an event listed or covered in this column or on my blog you can e-mail us at or call 718-644-4199 Mr. Robert Press.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Bronx News ( Still Stumped by Sandy

Bronx News ( Still Stumped by Sandy: Residents still waiting for city to remove tree stumps By David Greene BRONX, NEW YORK, NOVEMBER 1- The Parks Department has bee...

Still Stumped by Sandy

Residents still waiting for city to remove tree stumps

By David Greene

BRONX, NEW YORK, NOVEMBER 1- The Parks Department has been inundated with requests to remove tree stumps, dead trees and repair sidewalk's since Superstorm Sandy-- but despite a $2 million increase in their annual budget, many stumps have been around for years before Sandy.

New York City lost an estimated 20,000 trees that line city streets when the storm struck our area on October 29, 2012. One such tree fell from outside of 17 E. 198 Street in Bedford Park, and landed on a two-family home across the street.

One resident of the block recalled the massive project to remove the giant tree and restore automobile traffic to E. 198 Street, he stated, "They came and cut it up and took it away, but look what they left."

A year after the storm one must navigate carefully across the narrow, dimly-lit street with minefields of cobblestone, just waiting to trip-up an unsuspecting traveler.

The source stated that it was police officers who removed the tree and not Parks Department workers or the sub-contractors who helped in New York City's recovery, many of whom have still not been paid.

The resident continued, "The condition is bringing rats, it's an
eyesore. It's a public hazard."

Another resident of the area explained, "It's so dangerous for a woman, I come off the 4-train and it's so dark, people can't see this."

The homeowner claims he has called 311 on five or six occasions.

A homeowner at 1700 Paulding Avenue in Morris Park says his tree was taken down by Parks Department workers years before Sandy, and he is still waiting.

The homeowner recently stated, "They were suppose to come back and fix the sidewalk and look at the stability and health of a couple of other trees." 

The tree died, like thousands of other via infestation of the Asian
long-horned beetle which was nearly eradicated, but has since made a strong recovery and is once again threatening the nearly 793,000 new trees planted through Mayor Michael Bloomberg's initiative Million Trees NYC.

One such tree planting event was held at Pelham Bay Park on October 10, when Parks officials were joined by members of the National Football League. The event culminated with a massive tree planting in the Rockaways, when 20,000 trees and 5,000 shrubs were planted.

According to Nathan Arnosti of the Parks Department, Parks has a budget of $5,776.164, "for pruning contracts and stump removal, an increase of $2 million from the previous fiscal year."

Barley acknowledging the problem, Arnosti continued, "The city lost approximately 20,000 street trees due to Hurricane Sandy, leaving an estimated 7,000 stumps."

Arnosti added, "An additional 2,000 to 3,000 trees whose damage from Sandy was not apparent until Spring: 2013 are in the process of being removed, and this coming spring Parks will be monitoring the health of an additional 4,000 trees that suffered damage from Sandy in the inundation zones."

The Parks Department spokesman added, "The costs of this ongoing removal process are still being determined."

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Bronx News ( One Year After Sandy:City Isle Eatery Reopens

Bronx News ( One Year After Sandy:City Isle Eatery Reopens:                                                                                                                                           ...