Thursday, October 3, 2013

Bad Break for Player at Clinton Homecoming

By David Greene
BRONX, NEW YORK, OCTOBER 3- The DeWitt Clinton High School varsity football team, the Governors, remained unbeaten after coming from behind to beat the Engineers from Brooklyn Tech High School on Saturday, September 27.
Played at Clinton's home field on Paul Avenue. the Engineers led the Governors at halftime by a score of 24-14. In the opening drive of the third quarter Brooklyn Tech senior Teshawn Guy was tackled and suffered a broken ankle and was transported by EMS to a local hospital.
The Governors regrouped, coming back with 16-points in the third quarter and an additional six in the final quarter, while Clinton's defense shutdown the opposing offense and defeated the Engineers by the score of 36-24.
Governors quarterback Brandon Harris led his team with nine completions for 198-yards, including three touchdowns and a fumble.
The Governors improved to (4-0) while the Engineers fell to (0-4.)
Clinton High School will next host Tottenville High School on October 6, before going against Lehman High School on October 12. 

(Brooklyn Tech player is helped off the field after suffering a broken ankle during his teams fourth consecutive defeat.--Photos by David Greene)

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Bronx News ( Mustangs set up stretch run

Bronx News ( Mustangs set up stretch run: Tie Massasoit, shutout WCC, five games left By Gary Axelbank BRONX, NEW YORK, October 2- The Monroe Mustangs men's soccer team is in...

Mustangs set up stretch run

Tie Massasoit, shutout WCC, five games left

By Gary Axelbank

BRONX, NEW YORK, October 2- The Monroe Mustangs men's soccer team is in the midst of another winning season. Having played the always tough Massasoit Warriors to a 1-1 tie last weekend and blasted through an 8-0 shutout over Westchester CC, the 4-1-2 Mustangs are in tune for the stretch-run of the final five regular season games, leading to the playoffs.

"We've played well in some stretches and not quite up to par in others," said Coach Marcus DiBernardo. "When things are in gear, we have a good work rate and are mentally tough to play the full 90 minutes. That's what we strive towards, regardless of the opponent."

The game against Massasoit was a case in point for Coach 'D'.  He felt things were clicking, but the Mustangs just missed some first-half opportunities that could have been the difference.  

Monroe got on the board in the first minute of the game as Flilp Kula (Brooklyn, NY) assisted Amare Thomas (Trinidad and Tobago) on the only goal Monroe would get in the game.  Keeper Mark Weir (Scotland) stopped three shots, but the Mustang attack forced his counterpart at Massasoit into 11 saves.

The Mustangs were flying against Westchester, scoring early and often. The 6-0 half-time score was a signal to Coach 'D' that it was a chance to put his second unit in and so he substituted all-eleven to play out the rest of the game. They did not disappoint, showing off Monroe's depth with two more unanswered goals.  Thomas had three first half goals in that one.

Monroe will travel to Massachusetts over the weekend to play Mass Bay CC on Saturday and then will play at Macombs Dam Park in the Bronx on Monday at 4:00pm against Globe.

Bronx News ( Hawks Schooling Community

Bronx News ( Hawks Schooling Community: Group Sets Up Nest in School Photo by David Greene By David Greene BRONX, NEW YORK, OCTOBER 2- On a day when the DeWi...

Hawks Schooling Community

Group Sets Up Nest in School

Photo by David Greene

By David Greene

BRONX, NEW YORK, OCTOBER 2- On a day when the DeWitt Clinton's varsity football team returned for their annual homecoming game-- a family of wild hawks were already home and on the prowl as they have called Clinton High School their home for the last five or six years.

Able to dive and sail through the air at top speeds of up to 100 miles-per-hour and sounding like a model plane's wind-up propeller, this family of hawks have been buzzing up and down Mosholu Parkway causing quite a stir.

Several school safety officers were recently spotted snapping pictures of a trio of hawks who are believed to be a part of a family of as many as six, who have reportedly set up camp in an abandon tower atop the iconic school, that first opened on Mosholu Parkway back in 1929.

One hawk was spotted atop the school as three others played tag, danced and posed for photos shot by school safety agents and a handful of passersby with cell-phone cameras, all while the feathered creatures looked for prey, reportedly dining on a menu of rats and pigeons and an occasional squirrel. 

Hawks apparently find the borough of the Bronx an ideal location as nests of hawks have been spotted in Highbridge Park, Pelham Bay, Fordham University, The New York Botanical Gardens and at least one fire escape along Mosholu Parkway.

Clinton's new residents appear to be from the Broad-winged Hawk family, whose numbers have declined in recent years.

One longtime school safety officer recalled, "We had a rodent problem at the school and they quickly took care of that." The official added, "I'd like to see the city dedicate some resources for them, like they did for the hawks along Fifth Avenue."

Hawks are protected under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act and currently have a global population estimated at 2 million.

When reached by telephone, the school's principal said that while the hawks have been appreciated by the faculty and students for the past several years, The Governors would remain the school's mascot.

Principal Geraldine Ambrosio stressed, "No... long live The Governors."

But the Clinton Hawks does have a nice ring to it.  

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Cash Says Yanks Have Issues

Work to do for Next Season

By Rich Mancuso

BRONX, NEW YORK, OCTOBER 1- Two days after the New York Yankees
completed an 85-77 season, their worst since 1992, Brian Cashman the
general manager said it the best way he could. It was rough, and there
are many uncertainties with the roster and does manager Joe Girardi
return for another season?

As of now, Girardi is still the manager and it appears he will be
offered an option to return for the 2014 season. Meetings with the
agent for Girardi are scheduled to begin Wednesday, and as Cashman
said at a noon press conference Tuesday, “We will provide a time frame
as to how it is going.”

Time frames and decisions will keep Cashman busy this off season. The
Yankees, for the second time in 19-years, are not playing baseball in
October and a discussion regarding next season in the press conference
room at Yankee Stadium to say the least is very rare this time of

There is the immediate matter of resolving what Girardi wants to do,
the Alex Rodriguez possible suspension, the pitching staff, and of
course an infield that may not see much more of Derek Jeter at
shortstop. And after the conclusion of the World Series, second
baseman Robinson Cano is a free agent and the Yankees may not be able
to afford him.
Those are just a few of the many issues Cashman has ahead, always with
the goal of getting the Yankees back to the post season.

“We got derailed this year by decision making as well as injures,” he
said. Cashman did say, Cano could be the first Dominican born player
with Yankee homegrown roots to have a plaque placed in Moument Park at
Yankee Stadium. However, Cano, and his new profiled agents, are
looking to make the second baseman the richest player in the game.
And the question, how do the Yankees get under next year’s $189
million luxury tax threshold? If the A-Rod suspension, currently under
appeal for violating baseball’s anti drug policies, goes through, that
threshold question becomes easier.

The Yankees would not have to pay Rodriguez another $25 or 30- million
if he sits out a full season, and if the appeal is not favorable, the
high powered legal team that A-Rod has will plead a case to the
Federal courts. If that is the situation, A-Rod would probably be
permitted to play baseball in 2014.

But that is one of the many significant issues Cashman has at hand. He
would like to see Girardi return for a seventh season. Through all the
injuries, and roster moves, Girardi guided the Yankees until the final
days of the season for one of two Al wild card post season spots.

That did not happen, though Cashman would not say it directly, that it
was not acceptable, he did admit not playing in October clearly is his
responsibility as the GM.
“We’ve been fortunate for a long time to avoid what happened to us
this year,” he said about the injuries to Jeter, Curtis Granderson,
Mark Teixeira, the uncertainty of A-Rod and the Yankees having to use
56 different players, 27 on and off the disabled list.

Cashman added, “What happened this year derailed other clubs,”
referring to the Braves of 1996, a team the Yankees defeated in the
World Series without David Justice. “I take full responsibility what
happened, I am the general manager,” he said about the Yankees fourth
place finish in the standings.

As for Rodriguez, Cashman said until otherwise known, he expects the
third baseman to be ready for spring training in mid- February. “I
operate under the assumption A-Rod will be here.”

When asked about the possibility of A-Rod not being available, or what
players the Yankees may pursue via trade or on the free agent market,
the GM said, “I don’t know what is available what is on the trade
market yet. “That may include other options regarding the playing time
for Jeter.

The Yankees captain had two stints on the disabled list, was limited
to running on the bases, and there is every chance 2014 will be his
last season. Cashman said Jeter could be in the lineup everyday or be
placed in the designated hitter role, all depending on his health and
how the surgically repaired left ankle is.

“The left side of the infield is a priority,” he said about the
uncertainty of Jeter and Rodriguez, “Also at second base, questions
that have to be answered,” referring to the contract status of Cano.

He hopes Teixeira at first base is not a position to be concerned
with. ‘’His injury he should be fine and ready to go to spring
training,” commenting about the surgery to the left wrist. Cashman
also speculated there may be a need for right handed hitters.

On Ichiro, “He’s a great athlete. When he’s on base he obviously
changes the game for you.” The outfielder who will be 40-years of age
may not return after achieving 4,000 hits this season combined from
his playing days in Japan. “Don’t know yet. Depends on the situation,”
said Cashman.

So the production of home runs was down, and increased when Alfonso
Soriano was reacquired by Cashman. The Yankees played small ball and
scored less runs.  But in the end, it comes down to pitching and
Cashman has to address the future of free agent Hiroki Kuroda who did
not win a game in September, after a successful first half.
And does Michael Pineda finally throw a pitch after a 13-month rehab
assignment? Is CC Sabathia the ace? That, according to Cashman depends
on his health, the velocity of a fastball that diminished, and
avoiding the home run ball.

“Hope his numbers, are identical to the past,” said Cashman.  “We
think he can pitch towards that front end. The performance will speak
for itself.”

Yes, Yankee Stadium is dark this October. However, the meetings have
started. This is not acceptable, not playing baseball this time of
year. And there will be every effort to make it better because the
Yankees have that fan base.

And Cashman knows also, empty seats at the big stadium in the Bronx
will not look good.

Comment Rich Mancuso:

Foot Freak Charged in Sniffs, Choking Women

By David Greene
BRONX, NEW YORK, OCTOBER 1- Police have announced the arrest of a suspect wanted in connection with three attacks on women, including one attack where he removed the victim's shoes and smelled her feet.
Cops say University Avenue resident Calvin Presinal, 28, approached his victims from behind and choked them until they passed out.
Presinal reportedly approached his first victim at 12:10 a.m. on August 5, when a 21-year-old woman was attacked at W. Kingsbridge Road and Jerome Avenue.
Investigators have also charged Presinal with two additional attacks that took place on August 30. Police say the second victim was approached at the intersection of Sedgwick Avenue and Bailey Avenue at 1:10 a.m.
In that incident Presinal reportedly removed the shoes of his 18-year-old victim and sniffed her feet before running off.
Less than a half hour, police say Presinal struck again along Parkview Terrace in Bedford Park, when he approached a 24-year-old woman whom he allegedly choked and wrestled to the ground.
The victim reportedly fought back as the suspect attempted to undress her.
Presinal was arrested on Friday, September 6, and charged with three counts of assault, three counts of strangulation and attempted rape.
Police continue to hunt for a second individual who is being sought in connection with the August 21 attempted sexual assault of a 20-year old Fordham University student, who was attacked inside her off-campus building.